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On an iPhone: Use Shortcut App If you create a folder for the home screen, you can add multiple possible shortcuts. You can tap the plus (+) icon in the top right to add a new shortcut, choose Add action, Select Phone Or Facetime, And choose the contact you want to add. Give the shortcut a name, choose the icon and color, and then tap Done. To add to the home screen, tap and hold until the icons move and tap the plus icon at the top left, find your shortcut widget, and tap Add widget.

Consider a simple launcher (Android only)

With Android phones, you can change the “launcher”, which determines the appearance of all interfaces, such as app icons and font size.

Samsung phones have an alternative launcher called Easy Mode built-in. Go to toggle it Settings, Display, And select Easy conditions.

There are many alternative Android launchers that you can install and make the phone experience easier with several large icons. Easy launcher, Large launcher, And ridiculously named Baldphone Everything is worth watching.

Increase font size

To make the font more readable, you can increase its size.

On an Android phone: Go Settings, Display, And select Character size, Then drag the slider to adjust. You can also go there through it Settings, Availability, Then Character size.

On an iPhone: Go Settings, Display and brightness, Character size, And drag the slider. You can enter to go even bigger Settings, Availability, Then select Display and text size And tap Big text, Then drag the slider.

Ringtones and notifications

Having trouble hearing incoming calls or messages. Make sure the volume is loud enough, and choose the appropriate ringtones and alerts that are familiar to your loved one.

On an Android phone: Go Settings, Then Sound and vibration Caution to select sound, ringtone, and volume levels. You can also set Ring vibration And Circular vibration Dimensions with tap Vibration and hepatics.

On an iPhone: Go Settings, Then Words and Haptics, And select words with them. You can set the volume here, and it’s probably a good idea to toggle Vibrate in the ring E.g. There is one more feature for hearing Settings, General, Availability, Where you can toggle LED flash for caution. If you see that they accidentally reverse the silent mode on many things, which is easily done, you can also turn on Vibrate on Silent And Flash on Silent.

Set up phone tracking

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To make it easier to find, it should Never get lost, Make sure phone tracking is enabled.

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