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Google Fit gets a lot of new features over and over again. The app offers such benefits for Pixel users Check heart rate Using phone only, and now this feature has also come to iOS. So, now that’s not an owner Smart wearable Using the app, they can check their heart rate and respiratory rate on their iPhone. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of how to track heart rate on iPhone using Google Fit app.

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Track heart rate, respiratory rate on iPhone

Please note that the ability to check heart rate and respiratory rate has not yet been rolled out to all users so you do not need to see it immediately on your phone. However, you’ll soon find it through an update to the Google Fit app.

Steps to track heart rate on iPhone

1. Open the Google Fit app on your iPhone.

2. From the bottom menu, tap on the three horizontal lines (Third icon from the beginning).

3. Now select “Vitals” from the list on the next page.

4. Tap “Start” under your Heart Rate Check section

5. Then follow the on-screen instructions and continue tapping “Next”.

6. Now Google Fit will ask permission from your camera, tap “Allow” in the pop-up.

7. Once your camera is open on Google Fit, place your finger on the camera lens and hold still.

You will get a message on the screen that the heart rate is being measured. If you detect the movement of your finger or any other movement, it will show you the message. Stay calm, and your heart rate will be measured. You can then save it by tapping “Save Measure”.

Steps to check respiratory rate on iPhone

1 Open the Google Fit app on your phone.

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines again and select “Vitals”

3. Now tap “Start” under the track respiratory rate here.

4. When you see the on-screen instructions, tap “Next” again

5. Now, Google Fit will start measuring your respiratory rate by tracking the movements of your nose and chest. So make sure you appear on camera as instructed.

6. You have to position yourself in the camera and stay still while breathing normally like you otherwise it will not get a stable lesson.

That’s it. It will show your breathing rate when it is 100% complete. You can then save your data in the app.

How does it work?

When you place your finger on your iPhone’s camera sensor, Google Fit tracks the incoming light on the sensor and measures heart rate through the blood flow at the tip of your finger.

Alternatively, you can place your fingertips in front of a light source. Google Fit can then measure heartbeat by tracking the color changes of your fingers through the bloodstream.

Coming to the Breathing Rate feature, it works by tracking your breath using the camera in front of your phone while you hold it still in front of you and the chest portion is visible on the display.

The app tells you to stay still if your breathing is not properly tracked. The app detects subtle chest movements as you breathe and thus measures your respiratory rate.

So this way you can measure and track your heart rate and respiratory rate on iPhone without any smartwatch or fitness tracker device. For more technical tips like this, stay tuned!

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