How to use smart lighting in your child’s bedroom: tips, gear and more

If you do not change the original light source of the room, consider adding a color-changing lamp. There are lots of options, from Amazon Echo Glow Go Gove Ara, But it is worth noting that you can always use one Smart bulbs In the regular lamp

For parents to use a lamp as a night light, consider pairing it with a smart plug (we have Various recommendations here), So that you can turn it off from a distance so as not to wake up in the air in the house. You can set smart plugs to turn the lamps on or off automatically.

We tried several lamps before settling on a Bluetooth speaker Soundcore Flare Mini (We recommend a larger soundcore flame within us The best Bluetooth speaker guide Too). It has LEDs with different lighting modes at the base. After settling in for the night, I use it to play sleep stories, music or melodic sounds. My daughter also uses it to spot during the day and the lights change over time. (It has no Wi-Fi connection))

Smart light strips can transform a room

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Consider smart light strips for more effective and versatile illumination. They are lined up in a strip with glue backing. Some are not designed for direct viewing and can look quite ugly. What’s harder is finding the perfect spots for them Finding recessed areas is best, so the light shines when hiding the strips, but one end should be close enough to the power outlet.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned strictly: Check it out before fixing it in place. Thoroughly clean the wall to give the adhesive backing the best chance to work or you can peel it off over time. You can cut the light strip to your liking but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And no matter what you do, make sure the cat is not in the house when you install it. Also, be aware that these strips can be difficult to remove; They may leave residue or peel off the paint.

There are two types of smart light strips. Most types can only display a single color at a time. I planted Govi’s Smart LED Strip Light Both under my kids bed and it works extremely well in a night light. It supports app and voice assistant controls but what I appreciate the most is the simple control unit with power, color cycling and physical buttons to sync with the music.

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