Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Great game done quickly (), An annual week-long celebration , Almost on us. Between January 9th and 16th, you’ll be able to see an expert gamer show off their skills and, hopefully, watch after a race through their favorite titles to break some world records.

For the second year running, AGDQ will be held as a virtual event due to COVID-19 security concerns. Unfortunately, there will be no personal crowd to cheer the runners on. Still, you can watch the whole event live on Twitch, via The channel (or embedded below), will begin at noon ET on Sunday. If you do not see the action as it is happening, you will be able to catch it later On YouTube.

The Some are packed with impressive-sounding runs. On Wednesday, two GeoGuessr players will find the exact locations of random Google Street View images and shoot for a perfect score. Next Saturday will try to lose a runner named Mitcheries A usually difficult game by FromSoftware, as soon as possible – and their eyes will be blindfolded. Their recent appearances on AGDQ include the latest games , The door of death, why: the bridge of the soul, , And .

Games Dawn Quick has amassed millions over the past decade for good reason. The AGDQ Group hosts two major events each year Usually held in June or July.

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