Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

According to, HTC is set to launch two new Enterprise Virtual Reality headsets at Vivcon this month Protocol. The publication includes a Vivo Focus 3 Business Edition standalone headset and a higher Vivo Pro 2 PC-VR headset mentioned in the company documents. Also, the headsets were listed on the European e-commerce website Alzash for a short time before being unloaded. The Vivo Focus 3 was listed for € 1,474 ($ 1,772), while the Vivo Pro 2 was priced at 84 2,842 (1,012).

Formerly a company Post A photo showing a small portion of a black device in Vivcon’s teaser ad that at least confirms that we can expect a new hardware release Back in April, a leak at the World Design Guide Awards showed a fitness-centric VR headset Viv Air There are four tracking cameras like the Oculus Quest. A spokesperson told us it was just an idea, but it had “elements and inspiration in the language of design that you’ll find elsewhere [the company’s] Products. “

If HTC really launches the Vivo Focus 3 Business Edition, it will probably rank as a much more expensive enterprise-level Oculus Quest competitor. We have examined its predecessor the Long live focus plus, In 2019 and its regulators got much better than the original model. Meanwhile, we got the first one Viv Pro Comfortable to wear and strong enough to run various VR titles without hitchhiking. We can confirm whether HTC is unveiling new VR headsets at Vivcon, which will be held on May 11 and 12.

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