Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

There is HTC Issued A firmware update for the latest standalone Viv Focus that greatly enhances its hand-tracking capabilities. The company says that the firmware version 3.0.999.284 significantly improves the performance, stability and accuracy of the feature. HTC’s Vivo Focus 3 Launched in July with hand tracking, it allows users to use their hands as controllers. With this software engine upgrade, HTC says that the headset will be able to track hand movements more easily and recognize pinch-to-zoom gestures more accurately.

As the company unveils the feature to developers, these improvements will translate into better hand tracking between applications. Developers can integrate the six current predefined hand gestures of the headset into their VR app and previously HTC Says That extra gesture will be added in the future.

HTC said in its announcement:

“Being able to navigate naturally and intuitively in a virtual environment will go a long way towards making VR more accessible to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with the technology. Improving the lives of all VIVE Focus 3 customers around the world. “

When the makers launched the Vive Focus 3 in July, we thought it was the best standalone VR headset yet. It is not a direct competitor Quest 2However, seeing it as costing $ 1,300. Unlike the Oculus (now Meta) headset, it targets business users and not ordinary customers who want to enjoy the VR experience in their own home.

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