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Even if you put away its intended bug-eye look, the leaked HTC Vivo Flow is a confusing headset. By all accounts, it could be a standalone consumer VR device designed for activities such as meditation and streaming media.. This too Alleged to be Come pick up his own at Metaverse. In somewhat remote features, this type of device may be ideal. At the moment, it sounds like a horrible word not knowing exactly what it could be.

This is the first detail about this device From one Protocol report Earlier this week. Then Cheerleader Evan Blass tweeted a series of photos revealing what the HTC Viv Flow looks like, its ট্যাগ 499 price tag and it will launch in November. The flow, in its individual state, shows some of these photos to be connected to a cylindrical device. Among others, it appears Rely on your smartphone As a Bluetooth controller and for phone-to-VR streaming. With the protocol report it is Gypsum, which says that the headset will not be sent with any controller and will play a chipset that is less powerful than the Oculus Quest 2.

So, in other words, gaming and no other Processor-intensive activities It will not be possible. All right. Well, presumably this thing has a metaverse called Vivport Verse. The protocol claims that these metavers will include avatar and cross-device functionality and will explore “a variety of events”. Does the Vivport verse apparently include an NFT showroom? Somehow this thing will support user-created content. All in all a chipset that is not very powerful, and that content has been recreated from Mozilla’s Hubs VR project.

That’s a lot. In fact, it seems that all the recent buzzwords of wearables and mixed-reality have been washed together, run through a blender, and then the NFT has been dusted off. Each of their own, individual components of the flow may be understandable. It’s far from being the only company that explores some kind of wearable home theater. Facebook has obviously cornered standalone gaming VR space with Oculus And there are big bets on VR fitness. (It started with our curse with a “metavers” concept.) Wearables and health technology companies last year focused on features that emphasize wellness, mindfulness, and recovery. But Together, these features and hardware don’t seem to fit together. What does an NFT showroom have to do with, as a leaked image implies, “welfare and mindful productivity?” What a person should do “7 free VR content”?

After reading all this, I was confused WHO For this headset. Who is the richest, healthiest-minded, first adopter to cut 499 for a VR ecosystem that has yet to prove its worth? Who would be interested in a “casual” VR device that costs 200 200 more than a well-established competition? It would be a thing if HTC places it as an affordable, lightweight headset that does quite a few things well. Maybe if it is, an enterprise-minded device that only focuses on the metaverse approach. Or a casual gaming system launched with a decent catalog of titles and a meditation app. But as it stands … we are confused.

It doesn’t matter how ridiculous this thing looks. To be fair, no VR headset looks “great”But this headset is absolutely stupid. Despite the lifestyle shots leaked, I’m almost positive I can guarantee that no one will wear the HTC Vivo Flow in bed. And when it comes to meditation, the cool app is $ 70 a year, has a huge library of content and is available directly On your phone. Much of what is presented here can be found elsewhere for less money, more convenience, and significantly less teasing.

It does not destroy that mixed reality. On the contrary – almost every technology company is convinced that this is the future. Facebook has dropped its “smart” Partnership glasses with Ray-BanRumor has it that Apple will Working in a pair like Samsung, And Google and Microsoft have been building their own niche in the mixed reality enterprise space for many years. Somehow, Magic Leap found another $ 500 million Is funded and is Barrel with another headset. Razor, Bose and a bunch of smaller brands are also releasing their own audio sunglasses. Like it or not, virtual and augmented reality is happening. Someone will one day break the winning combination of hardware, software and usage.

But every company Having the same problem at this point: How to get out of the crowd and how to convince the average person that this is better than the devices they have. In both cases, the HTC Vivo Flow is probably the funniest looking VR headset we’ve ever seen. But the Viv Flock will need more than just a unique design to convince people that it should be bought without impressive features.

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