Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Huawei sounded a cautiously optimistic note about its future as the decline in the Chinese technology group’s business began to slow under US sanctions.

Total revenue for 2021 is expected to reach Rmb634 billion ($ 99.5 billion), the company said on Friday. This represents a decrease of 29 percent compared to 2020, but a slight improvement on the third quarter, when revenue was 38 percent lower than a year earlier.

“2022 will come with its fair share of challenges, but we will continue to work closely with our global partners to overcome the problems we face, improve business performance and strengthen our foundations,” Guo Ping said. the company’s rotating chairman, said in a new year. message.

For the past 12 months, Huawei’s first calendar year since the US has been a full range of export control intended to deny the company access to essential technology and component supplies.

The restrictions prohibit any company worldwide from using U.S. technology or components to supply Huawei or companies that use or manufacture its products without an export license. The measures have mainly hit the group’s consumer business, as Huawei can no longer obtain semiconductors that are crucial to making its smartphones.

The company has answered by trying to promote other parts of its business, including cloud services and manufacturing of electric motor components.

Huawei I say honor, a smartphone brand, and quickly lost global market share to competitors including Apple and local brands Oppo and Xiaomi.

The company has also expanded its device business from smartphones to portable devices.

“Our carrier business has remained stable, our enterprise business has experienced solid growth and our appliance business has expanded rapidly to new business domains,” Guo said. These include portable devices, smart speakers, laptops and even smart car equipment.

Guo said Huawei will continue to increase investment in research and development and global recruitment. The company also said it would promote Euler, its operating system, as the basis for a software infrastructure for digital infrastructure such as servers. It echoes efforts to promote Harmony, Huawei’s better known operating system for devices such as smartphones.

The double pressure underscores the company’s continued ambitions to remain a technology leader despite pressure from Washington.

Guo expressed the goal of leading worldwide technological standard statement and software foundations, reflecting the rhetoric used by founder Ren Zhengfei to defend the company through its struggle for survival.

“Cutting costs will not pave the way to sustainable survival. Only through strategic investment can we grow stronger and build a future for ourselves, ”said Guo.

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