Hyundai has envisioned a future where cars are available to park ‘crab drives’

Every urban mobility ev The idea Need some fun Prank, And Hyundai has delivered several with its latest Mobis Ambition concept. The first model, called the Emission POP, is not unlike a smaller two-seater Citroen’s Ami, But some unique features that make it more technology-friendly and workable.

POP was created under Hyundai’s “Tech Joy” theme, an “original solution” called “Fobility”. Translated from Designer-Spoke, the idea is that your smartphone could not only be used to store cars, but would be embedded in the steering wheel and, according to Hyundai, “turn into an automatic cockpit”. It can then interface with the vehicle’s display, allow voice detection, and “use the smartphone’s sensor for wireless steering of the vehicle.” In this Video, Hyundai even shows how you can pass the steering wheel to your passenger when you fall asleep.


This content is not available because of your privacy preferences. Update your settings The main feature of POP is the e-Corner module (shown above). Each of the four wheels rotates 180 degrees to the side, allowing the car to rotate from side to side like a crab and even in 360 degree space. This can be a great help for parking (of course the car will park itself), or it lets you make a U-turn very quickly if you accidentally pass your destination.

Meanwhile, the Amvision X is a four-passenger self-driving car equipped to technology. According to the video below, all car windows can transform you into an LCD display, allowing you to convert sports, entertainment or the whole vehicle into a disco. If some passengers just want to see outside, half the window may be screened and others may be regular vich-throw. Passengers will be able to control driving functions, AI speakers and infotainment using gesture recognition functions without having to touch anything and even have a UV light fixture function – Hyundai’s answer to this COVID bar.