Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Boston Dynamics Spot has found itself a new job, and fortunately this time it doesn’t include one . There is Hyundai The test begins The robot from a Kia manufacturing plant in South Korea will be a tool that the company uses to ensure benefits for workers. The pilot represents the first public collaboration between the two companies since Hyundai At Boston Dynamics last June.

You will notice that the spot shown in the video released by Hyundai looks different from the robot we saw in the previous clips. This is because the automaker’s robotics lab has basically equipped it with a backpack that has many additional features, including an extra camera, a leader, and more powerful computing resources to handle additional AI tasks. The “AI Processing Service Unit” allows people to spot, monitor temperature and test for fire risk. In addition, workers at a secure webpage factory can take control to monitor the robot remotely and if they want to inspect the convenient area more intensively.

According to Hyundai, the pilot will help evaluate the performance of the spot as a late night security patrol robot before deploying to additional industrial areas. It was a great plan for Boston Dynamics to be consistent with what the automaker said automation, manufacturing and construction applications were when the company bought it.

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