Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

I am partial to orbiting the earth in the various environments in which I can live. On the left, the Milky Way; At a distance above, the moon reflects the pale fire which it steals from the sun; On the right, the lights of the Southeast Asian city are shining on me alone; And right in front of me, an email is telling me that I need to change the billing codes on my time card and resubmit as soon as possible. The slowly rotating globe displays all the places I could have explored and felt if I hadn’t been completely isolated here.

I start to think, am I going to go crazy in this spacecraft? I asked Manideepa Tarafdar, a professor at the Eisenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, about the stress of using technology, usually starting from home. “You’re kind of isolated, and technology is the only thing you’re interacting with. And everything gets bigger. All the technical problems actually get bigger than them,” he says. “And now you want to put virtual reality on top of that.”

A. Research paper, Care to distinguish the pain of the side, the pressure that makes us worse, from the eustress, the pressure that pushes us to do better. “You’re losing positive stress,” he said. “Family life, I think, is a good thing.”

The personality of the immersed app is “tech brother.” From the intro tutorial, which suggests that I “crash today!” Comparing my time in VR with the weekly email compares to spending time with visible “power users”, it’s all about maximizing productivity. It’s true: I concentrate so much on work, so deep in the region that I don’t notice my forehead fading. Signs like sunset the other day disappear to me, and I do not confuse myself by getting up every 20 minutes to clean something without the chaotic view of the metspace room.

The house is getting messy.

But I like to use the headset in such a way that there is less “crushing of the imaginary opponent” and more “posture of the corpse”. About six months after receiving this VR headset, behind a closet, I found one of those swollen pool rafts where people floated to enjoy the coolness of the water and the warmth of the sun. I put it on the floor of this room, where I am now lying with every muscle relaxed. A virtual screen revolves one and a half meters above my head in a way that would only be possible after doing a lot of carpentry work through real-world screens. My hand rests next to me on the right side of the laptop keyboard and the left side of an external keyboard plugs into the laptop. I have a hoodie pulled over my head, I don’t call myself an “elite hacker” but it lets me turn off the heat. For the same reason, I covered myself with a blanket, leaving only my chin open and muffled the sound of me typing these words to you.

It promises to work from VR: a complete silence but for an active mind. The world does not bother me, and in return I do not bother.

I finally came up with the cyberpunk future that I always dreamed of, jacked up in the Matrix, now rebranded as Metaverse. But in all my excitement for getting there, I didn’t realize that by choosing to be there, I chose to disappear from here.

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