Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Former health minister Luiz Henrique Monteta has said he asked President Jair Bolsonaro to listen to science to fight the virus.

Brazil’s former health minister has said in a parliamentary inquiry that far-right President Zaire Bolsonaro has repeatedly ignored warnings that his approach to CVD-19 could disrupt the health system in the South American country.

Luiz Henrik Mandita, who was Bolsonaro fired in April 2020 He testified before a Senate commission investigating the Brazilian government’s epidemic management on Tuesday for refusing to push the malaria drug hydroxylloquine as a coronavirus treatment.

“We have made clear recommendations to the president to change his position. We told him that it could cause the health system to break down.

“I regularly warned Bolsonaro about the consequences of not accepting scientific proposals to fight COLD-19.”

The former minister added that Bolsonaro knew he was there There is no scientific basis for determining hydroxychloroquine To fight coronavirus

He said he was summoned to a cabinet meeting with the president to change official indications for drug use so that it could be prescribed for Covid-19.

Antonio Barra Torres, president of the Brazilian health regulator Anvisa, who was present at the meeting, said it was not possible. “The government was aware that they were prescribing chloroquine without any scientific evidence.”

Brazilian Senate An investigation opened Just a few days before the country, April 2 to manage the epidemic in Bolsonaro into Has surpassed 400,000 deaths Virus attached.

More than 406,000 people have died in Brazil to date, according to Johns Hopkins University – the world’s second-highest after the United States – and public health experts have warned that another deadly wave could follow.

Bolsonaro, who rejected public health restrictions and dismissed the virus only as a “slight flu,” has faced increased pressure for responsibility for the high number of deaths and infections of the Covid-19.

One protester carried a banner that read, ‘Bolsonaro, it’s your fault! Genocide during protests against the President’s epidemic [File: Bruno Kelly/Reuters]

However, the former army chief still refuses to take strict public health measures such as lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus.

Senate investigation Will test How Bolsonaro’s policies have contributed to this crisis.

Bolsonaro is now the fourth health minister since the crisis began, and all four have testified before a Senate commission with a 90-day renewable mandate.

Despite facing constant criticism, Bolsonaro The supporters turned out in large numbers Over the weekend in several Brazilian cities to show their support for the president.

“This is a critical moment and Bolsonaro needs the support of the people,” said Evaldo de Paolo, a protester who was in his sixties, to the Brazilian AFP news agency on Saturday.

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