If you prefer simple, try these online banks instead

For many things In the 2010s, Simple was a shining example What could be the future of banking. It provides unique features for managing money that most major banks take years to emulate. Unfortunately, May 8th, Will stop for simple good. Customers will be transferred to a BBVA account, but there are a few options for those who want to gain years of experience.

Simple’s application was centered around a few key features. Instead of showing users their total balance and mentally keeping track of where their money is going, simple users are allowed to split their money. The goal Which set aside some of their money. Expenses It can then be used to automatically use bills from some targets, so that the money almost disappears. Any money left over is shown in the Expenditure section.

This dynamic was unique at the time of release, but later, other applications provided similar features. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Suppose BBVA can still be good!

Once the conversion is complete, Simple Accounts will become a BBVA USA account, using the same debit card and routing number, which means you won’t find yourself without the ability to suddenly pay for something. Of course, if you’re simple to use, you’re probably more careful about additional features, such as goals and costs. Fortunately, these features did not go perfectly with a BBVA account.

BBVA has a set of creative features Called financial instruments. For long-term simple users, some features may seem familiar. Savings Goals allow you to look for money saved for long-term goals, and budgets allow you to categorize transactions and visualize whether you’re moving above your budget for a particular category. They don’t work perfectly as simple features, so it can be a bit of a habit. BBVA has many more mint-like features that allow you to integrate other accounts to view your network and track your payments goals.

Some changes may not be ideal depending on your needs. Simple did not offer any overdraft services at all, the BBVA would allow overdrafts but would charge $ 32 for the transaction. In general, BBVA has higher fees for things like debit card replacements, cable transfers, and even paper statements (such as don’t forget to sign up for paperless statements). However you can make deposits from ATMs with the help of BBVA which you have not been able to do with the general public before, so great. In general, it should take some time to see if the BBVA account you are going to get is compatible with your usage experience before you jump on the ship and withdraw all your money.


If first it made you look simple, it was a clean, modern application and straightforward storage feature. Chim You may be familiar. It does not have the usual target features but it does have some functional features for saving money. First, it can associate all your purchases with the nearest dollar and add extra to a savings account like an investment app Acorns Works. You can set aside up to 10 percent of your paycheck whenever you receive a deposit, so that you can save money long before you have the opportunity to spend your money.

Chim also offers Early direct deposit, Which credits your pay verification two days before it usually appears in your account. Rather than processing transactions, the service does this by depositing funds into your account on the day the HH receives the instructions. Chim relies on the belief that your employer will pay this money which is usually a safe bet for most transactions.

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