Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Without much fanfare, IKEA and Sonos have released their second generation versions Symphonic bookshelf First seen by Speaker Dutch Publishing (Through ), The new model has a faster processor, more memory and less power while on standby. It comes with a long power cable.

However, looking at the new model next to its first-generation counterpart, the most visible change is an updated button layout that allows the volume controls to be next to each other without being separated by the play / pause buttons as before.

Updates Sonos speakers from time to time to make them more futuristic. In 2019, for example, it To add Bluetooth LE, a new processor and more memory. More recently, it To add a more efficient wireless radio. If you live in the Netherlands, you can get a second generation Symfonisk bookshelf for € 99. We contacted IKEA to find out when retailers plan to release speakers in the United States.

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