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Bad news for furniture buyers there: On Thursday, IKEA confirmed that the company would raise prices on a good portion of its historically budget-friendly catalog.. Guilty IKEA’s fault To increase the price – you guessed it – is a terrible supply chain.

“[U]Unfortunately, there has been a significant increase in costs across the supply chain, including raw materials, transportation and logistics, “said a member of the company’s support staff. Tweet out Earlier this week. “Since this is still going on, we need to raise the prices of many products.”

Supply chain problems are rarely unique to furniture retailers; Technology Titans, Fashion brand, And if Ketchup supplier Everyone has felt the economic pressure created by Kovid-19. To summarize the problem: Ongoing lockdowns around the world have created a huge demand for deliveries. That rising demand drives cargo ships Stopping ports Time of shipping cost, including their immediate products Skyscraper Across the board.

And when there is Lots of pieces The supply chain that a company like IKEA is involved in delivering a couch to your door, they’re all feeling the same way at the moment — and it was only a matter of time before customers began to feel it.

A spokesman for IKEA said: “Prices change, but we are consistent with what we see in IKEA worldwide, with an average growth of about 9% in country and product range.” Told The Guardian In a statement. “Affordability remains at the center of our business, and our focus will always be on continuing to provide quality, durable home furniture for many people at an affordable price.”

Yet, at a time when a good number of IKEA’s customers are feeling it Their own economic crisis From the epidemic, it stings to see a budget-conscious brand surrender to these problems. And as reported by The Guardian’s own report, IKEA’s price increase appears to have surpassed the 9% increase quoted by the spokesperson; Looking through the archived version of the company’s site, some products have gone up in price 50% only in last few months. A desk that was once 99 (approximately 4 134 USD) jumped to £ 150 (about 3 203 USD), a debit that was £ 215 (about $ 290) is now £ 279 (around $ 377). For some buyers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience The options are now out of their budget.

The new quotes may be a shock to some, but IKEA has already warned all of us that price increases are imminent. In an annual financial summary released last November, the company said storing its stores and warehouses was “a challenge” and an expensive one.

“The global epidemic has affected our operating income in FY21. The biggest reason was the sharp rise in transportation and raw material prices in the second half of the financial year, “IKEA wrote at the time.

In other words, expect prices to continue to rise at IKEA in the new year. If you’re looking for an inexpensive coffee table, it might be best to scrub your local second-hand shop instead.

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