Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

IKEA and Sonos will release a new, more customized version of them Symphonic October 12 speaker lamp. The furniture giant will sell new model lamp bases and shades separately, so you can mix and match parts to make sure the final product matches your home environment. You can choose between a black or a white lamp base, which the companies designed to be slightly smaller than its predecessor. Stepan Begik, owner of Sweden’s IKEA products, said many people decided to make the base smaller after learning to use symphonic lights in their nightstands.

You can also choose between two types of shades: textile or glass. Available in both black and white. In addition, this model supports a wide bulb for its attached E26 / E27 socket, where the previous generation is only suitable for E12 (E14 in the UK) bulbs. When it comes to speakers, Sarah Morris, Sonos’ chief product manager, said it provides a “wider and more roomy sound”.

The companies launched the first Symphonic products in 2019, which gives you the opportunity to buy Sonos-level quality speakers at no Sonos-level price. The price of these new lamps is the same as the previous generation, which originally sold for 17 179. The base, where the WiFi-connected speakers themselves are, will give you back $ 152, confirming the previous one Report About the then unannounced product. A textile cover will cost you 24, while a glass will return you 35. After all, you’ll pay 169 for a lamp in a textile shed and $ 179 for one with glass.

The new Symfonisk lamp will be selected in IKEA’s brick-and-mortar stores and online in the United States and in European markets when it launches in October. It will enter all IKEA markets next year.


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