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Downloadable content It is a common part of modern gaming life. There are a few layers, a few skins or characters – DLC is given enough, especially in AAA titles, nowadays you can almost bet but the bonus content will have at least two paid bits including completely new missions. And, hey, they’ve understood for a long time. Video game companies like them because they are sure-fire earnings generators; Players (learned) like them because they can spend more time digitally entertaining their favorite dish in a favorite game. But just because something makes sense, doesn’t mean I have to play it. Honestly, I’m on top of DLC.

It may not be the reason you think it is. The downloadable content has been around for over a decade – it was handcuffed to the built-in Internet connection on consoles and over the years, there has been a lot of controversy over the concept. Mass Effect 3 By itself there were multiple squabbles. For example, choose From the Ashes DLC, which shipped the game the day it was released, cost টাকা 10, and it was important to understand the full story of the trio. People are quite upset It was not included with the original game. The Extended cut The DLC, meanwhile, was free but was released as an attempt to “fix” the end of the game after a public outcry over the original wrap-up (I wasn’t a big fan of it. Mass Effect 3The bottom line is, but I’m also of the opinion that EA / BioWare nurtures a kind of bird entitlement to respond in a way that has become incredibly toxic).

Yet it has nothing to do with my separation from the DLC; My dislike is even simpler: I’ve just finished. I spent a lot of time dropping cash for a game that I ended up playing one more mission six months ago. I can train in a whole new game on how to play the old game. I’m done

How did I come to this harsh conclusion? Okay, I needed something to think about until then Mass Influence: Legendary Edition Released in a few weeks and consumed my life, so I decided to start a DLC that I would never play Outer Worlds. I really enjoyed this game through my first game; It didn’t meet enough Massive impactShaped hole in my heart, but I loved space adventure and the mechanics of the game were strong. I expected to love the DLC. I didn’t decide.

To put it bluntly, DLC is OK! There is nothing wrong with that! Danger in roar And Murder in Eridanos Well made, beautifully put together, and has good stories. However, the fact that the developer did everything right does not change the fact that I will go to the side-effects of Covid-19 vaccination one more day, rather than choosing a controller. It’s very frustrating. The curvature of my learning for any game, especially in any game I have to shoot things or engage in battle is long. I’m not great at anything outside of button-mashing, so it takes me a while to get used to the new controls. It felt like a waste of time to do this for DLC.

It’s not just about redirecting controls. This DLC is also geared towards flat-up players, so I found myself slowly getting frustrated to play just one game-soon in an incredible position. It’s not Outer Worlds‘The fault, of course, is that my playing style and skill level turn something into something that is meant to be a fun distraction and I’m not sure I have the patience for that. Probably handling DLC ​​at exactly the same time if I was playing Outer limit Things will be different (hey, it worked Religion of the killer: Odyssey) But I did not.

I’m a no-brainer I hate not being forced to finish missions I just said doing it provided more frustration than having fun on my way through the extra content – especially when my gaming time is already severely limited and I start something new. (Seriously, Mass Influence: Legendary Edition Can’t get here very soon.) Sometimes, DLC can fill a void, but for now, I just want to throw it in one.

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