IMDB’s new interactive game show Marvel has started with Movie Quiz

The sites that we use to look for movie and TV show recommendations are slowly expanding to provide more content to frequent out-of-the-box visitors. Owned by Comcast Rotten tomatoes pukche The original show, Although its sister service Fandango Previously acquired video streamer Vadhu Now from Walmart, IMDB is trying to appeal to the team of armchair critics with its new spiritual offer. The company is owned by Amazon, which already has a free streaming service IMDB TV, Launching a Virtual quiz show June 7th.

Appropriately, the opening event will test players’ knowledge of the biggest film franchise of all time: Marvel Cinematic Universe. Together, the 23 films that make up the superhero series have been pulled to gigantic proportions .5 22.59 billion At the global box office. When two recent trips – Avengers: Eternal War And Endgame – Both have cracked the Holy IMDB Top 250 list of highest-rated films, where they are currently at 644 and 60, respectively. The first show is being sponsored by the Marvel series Loki, Landed at Disney + on June 9. One month later, on July 9, Black widow By simultaneously cracking down on theater and Disney streaming services, Marvel will end the film’s two-year drought.

Emerging quizzers who want to fight for its arrogant rights and prizes, including Amazon Fire TV devices (naturally), can register Here. Fortunately, you still have one more week left to fix the IMDB Trivia pages of various MCU movies. As for the format of the show, each game will last about three minutes, with three rounds of questions and a live leaderboard matching the results. Hosts will include Ian de Borja Movies that changed my life Podcast and producer Alex Logan (who has worked on several IMDB shows).

Don’t be disappointed if superhero movies are your weak spot. The seven-month Trivia series will consider additional topics, including sci-fi, animation and nostalgia.

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