Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

You don’t need Pro editing software To work with a IPhone 13’s Cinematic mode video on your Mac. Apple Insider Comments There are apples Update IMovie for Mac to enable editing for cinematic mode footage. You can change the focus subject, change the depth of field effect, and even delete focal points on much larger screens.

There is a major catch: you will need MacOS Monterey To make it work. Monterey will not make its official debut Until October 25th, You will probably have to wait about a week before trying Cinematic Mode Editing. There is at least one reverse The new MacBook Pro Buyers should see “improved” efficiency and performance on the system using iMovie M1 Pro and M1 Max.

IMovie update is free for all Mac users. It’s safe to assume that most iPhone 13 owners will still edit the device, even if they have a Mac. It may take a long time to transfer these files after ll. However, it should still be effective if you want to get more out of cinematic mode without going anywhere near Final Cut Pro.

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