Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

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If you have a new portable drive on the market, a microSD card for your Nintendo Switch or even an SSD for your PS5, a big one from Amazon, Sales on one-day storage devices From brands like PNY, Crucial and Lexar. There are several notable deals on this sale, two of which can help you store more games on your preferred console. Our favorite cheap SSD for PS5, PNY’s 4TB XLR8 CS3040, While a record low of $ 520 Lexus 1TB Play MicroSD Card The Nintendo Switch is almost half off, bringing it to an all-time low of 128 128.

Sell ​​one-day storage on Amazon
Buy PNY XLR8 CS3040 (4TB) on Amazon – 520
Buy Lexar Play MicroSD Card (1TB) on Amazon – $ 128

All of PNY’s XLR8 internal SSD variants are somewhat discounted – you can get the 1TB version for $ 145 – but you’ll get the best deal if you sit down for the 4TB model. Even at the usual price of 700, this is the only high-power SSD we can thoroughly recommend. PS5 SSD Guide Due to its relatively low price. And while the Lexus Play MicroSD card can be used on other devices like tablets, it’s a great option to add more storage to your Nintendo Switch, part of its 150MB / sec read transfer speed.

Several important portable SSDOs are included in this sale. The fastest option is 1TB important X8 drive, Which is 21 percent off and below the record low of $ 100. It has a sleek but durable design, supports read speeds up to 1050MB / s and can be used with iPad Professionals, Xbox One, game consoles with Android smartphones and more. If 1TB won’t cut it for you, Important 2TB X6 SSD It also has an all-time low of $ 143. It has a more square design than the X8 and it supports read speeds of up to 540MB / s, so if you care more about capacity than super-fast performance, this would be a better option.

Buy Crucial X8 (1TB) on Amazon – 100
Buy the Crucial X6 (2TB) on Amazon – 143

Surprisingly, Amazon has fulfilled this daily deal with additional discount SD cards and flash drives. Arguably the best on that front is the Lexar Professional-Series SD card, which will be great for photographers and videographers-a 128GB professional 2000x card $ 80 discount, bring it down to 110. And this sale also includes a couple of bay stations, e.g. Discstation from Sinology This is a new low of $ 400.

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