Tue. May 24th, 2022

Staff at JFK8, an Amazon perfection center in Staten Island, New York Spoken The union has collected enough signatures to go ahead with the election vote. A spokesman for the National Labor Relations Board, speaking ReutersConfirming that staff has “reached enough interest,” confirms a tweet from original organizer Chris Smalls.

This quarter of interest, incidentally, 30 percent of the given workforce, which was probably a solid achievement due to both the size of the JFK8 and the nature of its round-the-clock shift, ensured that many colleagues had no reason to meet. Even more impressive is the fact that this facility is being organized ostensibly without the help of an established union, but instead by a new individual group locating this special fulfillment center locally, calling itself the Amazon Labor Union (ALU).

ALU had earlier submitted a petition for unionization, but withdrew it late last year after the NLRB said it had not collected enough signatures.

Arriving for comment, an Amazon spokesman told Engadget: “We suspect that there are enough valid signatures and we are trying to understand how these signatures were verified. Our staff always has a choice to join or not A union, and as we saw a few months ago, most of our team on Staten Island did not support ALU. “

This milestone comes shortly before the entry of Amazon employees Bessemer, Alabama Their own union elections will be re-voted – for example, under the auspices of the retail, wholesale and department store union – on February 4. About a year ago there was a union vote on this facility, but the NLRB determined that Amazon Intervention In the election

In the case of JFK8, there is still time until Friday to respond to Amazon’s position. The matter is set to be heard on February 16.

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