In the case of Taiwan, the Kevid-19 warning level has been raised Coronavirus Epidemic News

Taiwan has reported at least 29 new domestic cases, the highest number of local infections in a single day since last year’s outbreak.

Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang said on Friday that there was no need to raise the island’s COVID-19 alert level for now and that it had more experience and resources to deal with the epidemic than last year.

On Friday, Taiwan reported at least 29 new domestic cases, the highest number of local infections in a single day since the outbreak began last year.

Writing on his Facebook page, Sue said the next two weeks would be crucial in controlling the transmission chain.

“Compared to this time last year, we already have more experience and resources to fight the epidemic,” he said.

“In collaboration with the central and local governments, the command center has consistently found infection discipline in confirmed cases and does not need to upgrade (alert level) for the time being.”

Taiwan reported only 1,233 cases of imports out of a population of about 24 million, with the recent slight increase in internal infections shocking the Taiwanese people and the stock market.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Chen Shih-chung remarked that a warning level could be raised soon, which would potentially shut down all non-essential businesses, trigger a sharp fall in the stock market and officials have since reduced the likelihood of such an eventuality.

Taiwan never went into full lockdown.

Offer more spending

The sharp return of the benchmark stock index on Friday morning, rose as much as 2 percent.

The government is proposing to spend an additional T 21 210bn (7.52 billion) to help the economy cope with the Quad-1 work epidemic, although the first quarter “accelerated the fastest in more than a decade” for the island’s high-tech exports. Arouses global demand.

Sue said they would spend more to help people and industries affected by the epidemic and expand preparedness to deal with the infection.

“Everyone is criticized in this war,” he added.

The current bunch of infections has been linked to previous outbreaks by pilots from China Airlines Ltd., an airport hotel and Taiwan’s largest carrier, by DNA, although the exact source of the infection is still unclear.

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