In the lawsuit, Tata says Gupta’s companies missed the opportunity to pay for the steel deal.

According to court documents, Sanjeev Gupta’s metal group has been fighting for more than a year to pay Tata Steel with a m 100 million acquisition from Britain’s largest steelmaker.

Gupta’s Liberty specialty steel, which Tata bought specifically from the steel business In 2017According to a lawsuit filed by Tata in the London High Court, the agreement sought “tolerance” to cover the cost.

Gupta’s firm has paid only £ 6.2 million for the cash advancement for the Tata business, Liberty Specialty Steel’s 2018 account found, with more money for “delayed” cash payments and additional financing through preferred shares, considered half of debt and traditional equity. Equipment.

According to court documents, Gupta’s party defaulted on a 5 12.5 million payment in May 2020 and offered to pay 1 1 million and 1.5 1.5 million for the purchase instead.

The filings give a glimpse of the desperate efforts of various officials to reassure Tata that the epidemic and Gupta’s main beneficiary, Greensil Capital, would be paid within a wide 12 months after the collapse.

V Ashok, chief financial officer of the GFG Alliance, a loose collection of the Gupta-owned business, emailed Kaushik Dey, Tata Steel’s finance director in Europe, in August 2020, twice asking for less money and “help and understanding”, the lawsuit said.

Details of the letter have been leaked to Tata’s claim, which sued three of Gupta’s companies – Liberty Specialty Steels, Liberty House Group and Specialty Steel UK – for part of its কেন 12.5 million purchase of the UK business four years ago.

Tata told Liberty that Liberty paid three separate £ 1 million in July 2020 and প্রতি 1.5 million each in September and October of that year. Tata is suing for 7.9 million, which includes বাক 1.3 million for the remaining plus interest and insurance liabilities.

In the case dated April 19, however, published on Wednesday, Tata said that the fourth installment of 10 10 million would be paid by May this year and if it was not paid, interest would be added to the lawsuit.

Tata acknowledged the details of its claim but said it would “not comment further on them”. GFG declined to comment on the case.

The court case further increased the pressure on Gupta’s empire which was shaken by Greensil’s failure. Gupta has been called the “savior of steel” for buying unsolicited assets from established industrial players, including Tata and ArcelorMittal.

The email parts of the Tata filing show how the secret agencies first mentioned the coronavirus epidemic, then cited Greensil’s persuasion as the cause of its inconvenience.

Sanjeev Gupta, known as ‘Steel Savior’ ub Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

In May 2020, Peter Hogg, director of Liberty’s development, wrote to Tata that the epidemic had “unprecedentedly reduced demand” and that, according to the information filed, the UK government was working on a solution. This provision was made “in our forecast and for our discussion with [the government], “He said.

As soon as Liberty’s money was a favor, it wanted to settle “all the arrears”, Ashok told D in an email on August 16. Ten days later, he reiterated in another email, “We aim to settle all arrears as soon as the funds are” drawn “.

He added, “We will request your request to waive all interest claims on the outstanding amount,” he added, after adding interest charges to Tata’s unpaid bill.

In March 2021, after the sunshine, Liberty Industries Group’s Chief Financial Officer Taral Desai emailed that the company was going through a crisis caused by the building of its main donor, Greensil Capital.

“We will return with a deadline to remove the obligation as soon as the situation returns to normal and you will request to stay with us until then,” he wrote.

The GFG alliance said on Wednesday it was Conditions agreed upon for rescheduling Its Australian steel plant and related mines.

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