In the new serious record, the Brazilian daily COVID surpassed death Coronavirus Epidemic News

The growing coronavirus is urging desperate calls for drastic lockdown measures, but President Bolsonaro has still rejected the bans.

For the first time since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Brazil has recorded more than 4,000 coronavirus deaths in a single day, a new deadly milestone for the country as President Jay Bolsonaro continues to reject public health restrictions.

Brazil’s health ministry said on Tuesday that 4,195 people had died from the virus.

According to Johns Hopkins University estimates, the country now has more than 3,366,000 deaths – second only to the United States.

“It’s a nuclear reactor that has shut down a chain reaction and gone out of control. This is a biological Fukushima, ”said Dr. A.S. Miguel Nicholas told Reuters news agency.

Brazilian hospitals across the country are expanding their reach as infection rates continue to rise. Young people are getting sick And this wave of epidemics requires medical care because it is characterized by a more easily transmissible strain of the virus.

Public health professionals, physicians and even Some local leaders are increasingly talking About the need to establish a strict lockdown to prevent severity.

“We are in a dire situation, and we do not see any state or federal government taking effective action to respond,” Ethel Machiavelli, an epidemiologist at Espirito Santo Federal University, told AFP.

Although less than 10% of Brazilians have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine so far, Mackiele said, “the only way to reduce the rapid spread of the virus is to have an effective lockdown for at least 20 days.”

Meanwhile, the president of Brazil’s right-wing parliament still defends public health restrictions such as wearing masks and lockdowns, even amid increasing pressure on the country to hold its government accountable for the carnivirus crisis.

Bolsonaro swore in a new health minister last month – his fourth since the epidemic began – and was executed A government reshuffle It saw him replace the foreign, justice and defense ministers. He later named the new heads of state Army, Navy and Air Force.

A banner in Rio de Janeiro reads: ‘Bolsonaro your government genocide’ [Ricardo Moraes/Reuters]

Bolsonaro says the economic damage from coronavirus lockdowns is worse than the virus.

On Tuesday, Brazil’s economy minister said the government believed that “Brazil could return to business in two to three months”.

“Of course, economic activity will probably decline, but it will be much less than the drop we had last year … and much less,” Polo Guedes said during an online event.

But epidemiologists and other experts have made much more predictions.

The University of Washington recently estimated that the number of deaths from coronavirus in April alone could be one million, and that the total number of deaths in the country could reach about 533,000 by July.

“If nothing is done to prevent this catastrophe, we must make this prediction,” said Dr. Jamal Suleiman, an infectious disease specialist at Emilio Ribas Hospital in Sao Paulo. Told Al Jazeera.

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