In the photo: 2021 al Dul Fitr between coronavirus and conflict Gallery

Muslims around the world celebrated Ks al-Fitr with masks and prayers, as the conflict and the coronavirus ban cast a shadow over the huge gathering of festivities and family reunions cast

Many KVID-affected countries, including Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, have imposed bans, closed shops and some mosques – although the number of prayers was higher than in 2020, when there were lockdowns except for all canceled events.

“(We are) very lucky that we can pray together this year when we could not do it last year,” said Tri Hariyati Ningsingh, 53, at the Dian Al-Mahri Mosque in Depok, Indonesia, south of the capital. Jakarta.

“Hopefully, the coronavirus will go away quickly and we can always worship together,” he added.

In a typical year, millions of people would travel to their hometowns with their families to celebrate the end of Ramadan fasting and to crowd the markets and malls to share greetings and sweets in the city.

Many Muslims have also identified Eid in the shadow of conflict.

In Gaza, the normal excitement of Eid after a heavy night of Israeli airstrikes amid a horrific outcry over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has led to mourning for some. Doctors on Wednesday put the death toll in the blockade enclave so far this week.

“Every year, we will sort and inspect. We will not go anywhere this year, ”said Basma al-Farah, 20, in the Khan Younis refugee camp.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban announced a three-day ceasefire for Eid just days after the bombing, killing 70 people, most of them schoolgirls.

Some children in Kabul enjoyed the festivities at an amusement park, enjoying the grass and high flying swings.

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