Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Three suspects, including the alleged main accused, have been arrested by Mumbai police over an app that put more than a hundred women ‘for sale’.

India police say they have arrested three suspects in an investigation into a online application who shared photos of more than a hundred Muslim women for an “auction” in another case of hatred towards the minority community.

In recent days, several Indian Muslim women have said on social media that their photos were used without permission to create an open source application on the open source software development platform owned by Microsoft, GitHub.

The application was called “Bulli Bai”, a derogatory term to describe Muslim women.

The cybercrime department of the Mumbai police arrested Mayank Rawal (21) from the northern state of Uttarakhand on Wednesday morning, the news agency Press Trust of India reported.

Rawal is the third person arrested in the case after Vishal Kumar, a 21-year-old engineering student, was arrested on Tuesday in the southern technology center of Bengaluru.

On the same day, Shweta Singh, a 19-year-old woman suspected to be the main accused in the case, was arrested from Uttarakhand.

In a police indictment filed on Sunday, Ismat Ara, a New Delhi-based journalist targeted by the online “auction” app, said it was an attempt to harass Muslim women.

“The said GitHub is violent, threatening and intended to create a sense of fear and shame in my mind, as well as in the minds of women in general, and the Muslim community whose women are being targeted in this hateful way, “has the complaint, which Ara posted on social media.

Last Saturday, India’s Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said GitHub had confirmed that the user was blocked from creating ‘Bulli Bai’ application, which came just six months after a similar application was named. “Sulli Offers” has put almost 80 Indian Muslim women “for sale”.

No arrests have been made in the “Sulli Deals” case yet.

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