Indianapolis: Multiple people shot dead at FedEx site, gunman killed News from the United States and Canada

A police spokesman said multiple people fired but did not give specific numbers.

Multiple people have been shot at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis, USA, and the suspected gunman has killed himself, police said.

Indianapolis Police spokeswoman Jenna Cook told reporters Friday morning that police arrived at the scene late Thursday night, and that officers had observed an active shooting at the scene – a FedEx site on Mirabel Road in Indianapolis.

“We have multiple people who are consistent with the gunshot wounds,” Cook said, adding that there were a few more people who were transferred to various hospitals across the region.

He added that the gunman had died.

The facility is located near the international airport.

Live video of the news broadcast at the scene showed tapes of the crime scene in the parking lot outside the facility.

One witness who said he worked there told WISH-TV that he saw a gunman after hearing several gunshots.

“I saw a man with a submarine gun, a kind of gun, an automatic rifle, and he was firing openly,” said Jeremiah Miller.

The incident comes at least later Four peopleA child was shot dead and another was injured in a fire at an office building in California earlier this month.

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