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When Aileen Sereno Returning to school after a recent winter break, the 15-year-old returned to the almost empty hallway, missing classmates and whom he described as a “lifeless” environment. As the day wore on, a small number of her classmates attended MetWest High School in Oakland, California; Her teachers and classmates were testing positive Covid-19, Or were exposed and waiting for the test, or simply feared for their safety.

Serrano and his friends decided that if the school did not take steps to make them feel safe coming to school, such as providing regular exams for all students, they would have to claim those arrangements themselves. Serrano and his classmates Ximena Santana, 15, and Benjamin Rendon, 15, decided to start a petition in Google Docs. Maybe, Randon said, they will get “a few students” to sign it. They did better than that. The application attracted so much attention that it became a story on local TV news. Randon recalls: “I went to see it when they preached it, and I was, ‘Curse. ‘”

Around Auckland and the United States, millions of students return to classrooms amid highly contagious growth Omicron variant. The majority of schools are overwhelmed with learning as an individual Record-breaking number The Kovid case has spread across the country. Chicago Public School has canceled classes for five days at a time Stagnation With the teachers’ union before reaching an agreement to resume schooling in person. Parents with school-age children are annoyed at not being able to Go to work If the school is closed, they are also concerned about infecting the children in the school, especially from their junior. Unable to vaccinate.

Many students, meanwhile, have dropped out of the conversation. “My school seems to have failed me,” said Zidane Bridge, 15, of Denver Public Schools in Colorado. Since returning to school after the winter break, he has been wary of crowded hallways and classmates during periods who were less cautious about wearing masks. (When I spoke to him, Bridge was home from school, recovering from covid.)

Her 15-year-old classmate Haven Coleman shared his frustration. A seasoned organizer For climate action, Coleman was already thinking of ways to get the district’s attention by the start of the semester. While scrolling through social media, he noticed that other activities of the students were starting to happen – including petitions started in Oakland thousands of miles away by Serano, Santana and Randon.

Coleman texted the bridge. They send texts to other classmates about the idea of ​​a petition; Soon, word spread to other Denver High School students. A few days later, A student-led petition Denver joins a chorus of similar actions from students demanding safer conditions in public schools Boston, Chicago, New York City, And Auckland.

“You have to listen to us.”

Student protesters who spoke to WIRED described how they reached out to colleagues using text messages and social media apps to shape their school district demands.

A demonstration in New York began as a late night lesson. Cruise Warsh, a junior from Stuavisant High School, shared the idea with his friends, Rifah Saba and Samantha Farrow, as well as the juniors: Do you want the mayor to walk out to close the school?

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