Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Instagram is working on a tool that can give people more control over its famous feed algorithm. Recently mobile developer Alessandro Paluji Shared screenshot An in-development feature called Favorites. These images suggest that the tool allow you to add friends, family members, and creators to a list of accounts when you want to prioritize the software when scrolling through your feed.

Since Instagram has switched from A An algorithmic is a chronological feed In 2016, people consistently complained that the app didn’t do enough to show them the pictures and videos they wanted to see the most. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, recently tried to address those concerns when he did Wrote a blog post About how the different algorithms of the platform work. Currently, the feed algorithm looks at your recent activity and history of interactions with someone, as well as the popularity of a post, while determining how to prioritize the content you show.

It’s not clear if Favorites will become an official feature on Instagram. An Instagram spokesperson told Engadget that the company is currently testing the tool internally but did not provide further details on when we will see an external test.

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