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Instagram chief Adam Moseri will testify before Congress for the first time

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The head of Instagram One-time Met Gala participant Adam Moseri will testify before Congress about the impact of his app On young users. When Mark Zuckerberg is in the hot seat of Congress A few times To discuss the true impact of Facebook in the past, this is the first time Moseri has been asked to testify about Facebook (sorry, Meta) Supporting agencies.

Moseri’s testimony on December 6, First report According to the New York Times on Wednesday, the bipartisan face-to-face response to Instagram has now come out, almost all of which can be found. Internal documents leaked From Facebook’s former product manager, whistleblower Frances Haugen.

Preliminary rounds of leaks — which include Multiple internal studies The potential impact on the mental health of young Instagram users has been a flashpoint for countless lawmakers since the leaks were first reported in the Wall Street Journal. Earlier this year. Lawmakers since then Called The company plans to launch its “Instagram for Kids” app Grill in public Antigone Davis, Meter Global Head of Safety, about the impact of Instagram on kids.

During Davis’s testimony last September, he told Congress that the agency had disputed the premise that Instagram was completely harmful to young users, as others rightly so. To mark– There are several big holes in the company’s own research. In response, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who will preside over the December hearing, wrote to Meter CEO Zuckerberg: Direct, Ask him or Moser to correct the record In front of Congress. Moseri draws a seemingly small haystack, so he will move to Capitol Hill next month.

According to the Times, the Blumenthal platform’s algorithms “could send babies into dangerous rabbit holes” are planned to question the Instagram lead about how they relate to chaotic eating and other forms of self-harm. Previously, Blumenthal Accused Lying to Senate officials by cherry-picking documents paints a brighter picture of the company than the company itself being trumpeted by its own researchers.

“We’re still working with the committee to find a date for Adam to testify about the important steps taken on Instagram,” Meter spokesman Danny Lever said in an email. The company also instructed us A tweet Revealed today from Mosseri, where he has avoided any reference to his upcoming date with the industry congress, but Still Instagram, her kids, manages to include a lot of goodies about Instagram Effect On the kids (including her own), and the way the company thinks about “young and adolescents”.

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