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The image in the Instagram headline is reported to be working on an update that will let you see your 'favorites' first Let’s see

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In general, I can be a fence about Instagram. The pressure to be “perfect” for the ‘village’ can make me roll my eyes or bother me (although yes, I’ve been under this pressure before, I’m just human). One thing Instagram knows What I like most is the cat, which often makes me ask myself: Why don’t I have more cats in my feed?

Looks like Instagram is working on a feature that will allow me to fill out more of my feeds Hairy pleasure. According to mobile Developer and leaker Alessandro Paluji, A possible future update will allow users to create a list of their “favorite” accounts. There will be accounts in this list Appears higher in user feed, Paluji explained.

“Your favorite posts show up more in the feed,” explains a screenshot of a predefined update shared by Instagram Paluji. “We do not send notifications when you edit your preferences.”

A June interpreter Regarding how it feeds and story rankings, Instagram head Adam Moseri said the company considers a variety of factors. First, it considers recent posts from people you follow. Then, in terms of importance, it considers how popular the post was and in what format it was; How many times have you contacted the person who posted the content in recent weeks; How many posts did you like on Instagram; And your history of interacting with someone among others.

Then, you have the possibility to spend a few seconds on a post on Instagram, comment on it, like it, save it or tap on the profile picture.

“The more you take action and the more we take this step, the more you will see the post,” Moseri said.

Eating May change with the desired, though. As a fan of many famous Instagram cats, I’ll dig it up. You can’t help but feel happy when you do Look at the face Like this.

Gizmodo reached out to Instagram on Friday for comment but received no response at the time of publication. We will not forget to update this blog if we hear back.

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