Tue. May 24th, 2022

Taking new steps to Instagram Content is less visible in its app. The company says that the way algorithms order posts in users’ feeds and stories will now prioritize content that may contain “hooliganism, hate speech or incite violence.”

Although Instagram’s rules have already banned many of these types of content, the change could affect Borderline posts, or content that has not yet reached the app’s moderators. “To see if anything can break our rules, we’ll look at things like a caption is like a caption that has broken our rules before,” the company explained in an update.

So far, Instagram has tried Potentially offensive content from publicly-oriented parts of the app, such as Explore, but this type of content has not changed the way it appears to users following the posted accounts. Recent changes mean that posts that are considered “similar” to previously deleted will be much less visible to followers. A spokeswoman for Meter confirmed that “potentially harmful” posts could eventually be deleted if the post violated her community guidelines.

The update follows a similar change, When Instagram began down-ranking accounts that shared inaccurate information that was debunked by fact checkers. In contrast to that change, Instagram said the latest policy would only affect individual posts and “not the overall account.”

In addition, Instagram says it will now factor in each user’s reporting history by how it orders their feeds. “If our systems predict that you will report a post based on your report content history, we’ll show the post below in your feed,” Instagram says.

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