Intel’s mobile driverless ‘last-mile’ delivery will begin in 2023

Intel’s self-driving technology company is on mobile Just announced the partnership To build a fleet of autonomous supply vehicles with Woodlov. The companies plan to deploy 35,000 Udelev-built “transporters” by 2026, all of which will be powered by mobile-driven self-driving systems. The first 1000 transporters will be deployed in 2000, said Donley, a commercial fleet management company that will be the first customer for the new system. Zero-emissions, self-driving transporter vans are meant to solve “last mile” delivery problems – Intel says last-mile supply is expected to increase by 75 to 80 percent by 2030 for continued growth in online shopping

The mobile drive system that powers these vans has 13 cameras, three long-range leaders, six short-range leaders and six radars; All hardware is powered by a single-chip mobileIQ IQ system. The end result of all these technologies is driving four level cars, which basically means that no human attention or intervention is required, if the vehicles are driven in the conditioned area. After the test is over, these vehicles should be completely driverless, even without the need for a safety driver.

Mobile, which is Intel Bought back in 2017, One of the most active autonomous driving companies there, Inspecting self-driving cars in Jerusalem As well as in high-speed auto transport conditions Germany. The company also counts huge automakers Ford And Volkswagen As a partner

As a matter of fact, the start-up was fairly active in the United States experimentally Grocery delivery in Oklahoma City And work In a trial with Walmart In Arizona. It will be several years since we see the results of the partnership between Mobile and Udelv, as the vehicles in this project with Donlane will not be deployed until 2023 – for example, it is not too early to say exactly where these vans will appear. But if history gives any indication, we should hear more when they go to the experiment

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