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Judy Gray as Karen in Halloween Kills, after the worried and red-green Christmas sweater.

Karen (Judy Greer) looks both anxious and festive.
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David Gordon Greens Halloween killing This Friday comes, and there are some big similarities between the two most important characters: they’ve both spent most of their lives together Michael Myers, And they both have enough of it. But the similarities mostly end for Karen (Judy Greer), His daughter Original Halloween The heroine Laurie Stroud (Jamie Lee Curtis), and Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), who was one of the kids, Laurie was having kids on that fateful Halloween night in 1978. io9 spoke Halloween killingGreer and Hall to learn more.

Although we haven’t seen Tommy in this series since 1978, whatever it is, we’ll go a little further – to the hall (to the credit of a 1980s classic). Breakfast Club And Strange science, As well Dead area TV series and The Dark Knight) Told us in a video chat that he hasn’t spent too much time on what the character has done in the last 40 years. Instead, he credits “A really great script [where] That was really all kind of embedded and woven into the fabric of the story. It’s really David and gratitude [Green’s co-writers] Danny [McBride] And Scott Teams, because they were able to thread all the characters in the original film by 21018, and the whole universe kind of opens up even more. This is no small feat, and they do it very effortlessly. ”

Although the hall was not the main part of John Carpenter Halloween In the cast or reboot of the 2018 series, he felt comfortable coming into the role, as the film was shot almost increasingly early in production. “We’ve been shooting the scene at the bar for about a week now, and I think there’s a very strong twist – everyone is starting to swear about hunting and surviving, turning around and calling for something else between them to bring this evil together and The idea of ​​tackling – we are no longer victims. Let’s fight, you know? He said. “It was great to do it early in the film and get to know Nancy [Stephens] And Kyle [Richards] And some actors who were there from the beginning. And I had a great time working with others who were new like me, like Robert Longstreet and others. You can’t afford that luxurious shooting and getting your bearings in order and that’s what we were able to do, which was fun. ”

Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) ready for battle.

Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) ready for battle.
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Greer’s character, on the other hand, played a big role in the previous one Halloween In the film, when we first meet Karen, she is separated from Lori; She was clearly not sympathetic or sympathetic to her mother’s feelings for Michael Myers. That has changed, obviously, after what he saw in the 2018 movie and Karen after what we saw Halloween killingIll still survive her two husband dreams, she has endured with the death of her husband very very differently. Gray told us on the phone, “I think he’s right next to his mother. I mean, it starts at the end Halloween, But he really picked up where his mother left him. She trusts her mother [now] And he is ready for war. “

Apparently All Haddonfield is ready for battle Halloween killing, As it turns out, Tommy is leading the charge. The film’s growing excitement erupts in a hospital scene, where a group of townspeople – terrified that a killing machine is back in danger on their streets – believe they’ve seen Michael Myers roam the hallway. Although the film was shot at the end of 2019-2019, both the riot and the mood express feelings Strangely timely.

“The epidemic in our society and around the world and just one kind of segregation, which we as human beings, reveals a lot of things,” Hall said. “How this kind of picture was reflected was a strange phenomenon, because I know that when Jamie and David spoke, we couldn’t imagine that the world was more insane and one-of-a-kind and reflected some of the film’s themes. It’s really an extreme for all of us. There were tragic and tragic surprises.I think it gives the film more relevance in an interesting way. [The choice to resort to violence is] I think, like the first act, the central conflict – because you know, there’s a big misdirection where we follow it and it leads us down a dark path, unfortunately, in search of Myers.

Though Tommy jumps in without hesitation, and though he’s just as hurt and angry as he is, Karen doesn’t join him. Instead, he tries to calm people down. “She’s a trained psychologist – in her background therapy and working with people who have problems, helping kids. I think they cut that scene from the first movie, [but she’s able to] See and understand through emotion, perhaps clinically, about the mob mentality. But I think he’s a very measured, careful man, “said Gree. He further mentioned that he hopes that people will make a connection between the film and current events, especially about that scene. “It’s always great when you’re making a genre film and it’s based on reality – when you make people real people and you put them in situations like that, [which] It can actually happen, at the forefront of a story. ”

Michael Myers is a big loom.

Michael Myers is a big loom.
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Tommy and Karen both have a close relationship with Michael Myers, a mysterious character whose education has completely changed. Halloween The series, however, falls short of Green’s picture. “I’ve heard of David, which was really interesting to me. One of the things is that there’s actually a very limited myth about Myers. We don’t really know what ticks him in,” Hall said. And people love to see him awesome [horror movie audiences] Everyone wants to be scared or stunned. Maybe it’s a kind of unconscious way of dealing with death through darkness or anything. But it’s interesting to me: unlike other types of dark characters, not much is explained about Myers.

Halloween killing Occurs perfectly in Haddonfield and repeatedly insists that one of Michael’s driving forces is his desire to return to his childhood home. “I found myself strangely sympathetic to Michael Myers when I saw this movie and I didn’t like the way I felt. But there was something more humane about it,” Grayer said. And is it already in you, or have you become that? I don’t know. I think the symbol of going home is interesting, but I have no main idea why Michael does it. [what he does] Because I’m still curious about him. And not knowing, he said, makes the movie even more terrifying. “I don’t think anything is terrible [than not knowing]. Everything is terrible. You don’t know [he’s] Hidden. I mean, how can you fight an invisible enemy or even defend yourself?

We can’t end our chat with Hall without asking if he’s portrayed as Tommy Doyle’s predecessor, Paul Rudd in 1995. Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers, The sixth film in the franchise. Although the movie was not so popular at the time of its release, it has since become a favorite culture among ghost fans. “I saw it recently – I was glad I waited until after it was over because it was a very interesting one,” Hall said. “I like this version too. You know, [Tommy’s] Very kind of professor in it, very interesting – different than me. I guess I was barefoot. “

Halloween killing Peacock opens in theaters and streams from October 15th.

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