Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Apple is launching another way to ensure this Airtag Will not be used for stacking when iOS 15.2 is released. According to MacRumors, The beta version of the mobile platform that has just been released has a new feature that allows users to scan AirTags that can track their location. At this point, users can find the feature under the Items tab in the Find My app – all they have to do to scan is tap on the “Item That Can Track Me” option.

Any nearby traceable item that belongs to someone else will be identified and displayed as an unknown item. Apple will then give users a set of instructions on how to disable the device that is being used to track them. While it may ease the human mind, the new feature could also be a two-edged sword. Users who hide AirTags on bikes, steal other items, and even steal their pet collars, can prevent them from catching the culprit and recovering their property. The feature may work much differently, though, until iOS 15.2 is ready for a wider rollout.

Note that Apple Updated Airtag to address concerns back in June. It adjusts the duration after which the device will play a sound if it is separated from its owner at a random time of three days to 8 to 24 hours. This experimental feature measures an additional privacy.

Another interesting feature that has been shown with the beta version of iOS 15.2 Digital Legacy. This will allow users to designate as inheritance contacts, who will be able to access their accounts and digital information when they die. In the current iteration of the mobile OS, legacy contact settings are between passwords and security within the app.

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