Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

If you have The iPhone is set up to unlock with your Apple Watch And has recently been upgraded An iPhone 13, A software bug may prevent you from continuing this use. Fortunately, there is a fix here and once you install it, you no longer have to resort to Face ID (or worse, typing in your passcode). The latest iOS 15 update (iOS 15.0.1) is here and according to Changelog, it brings a bug fix “with a problem where some users could not unlock the iPhone 13 model with Apple Watch.”

Apple has added unlock with the Watch feature WatchOS 7.4 earlier this year To make it Easy to access on your iPhone When you are out and wearing a mask. This feature is broken and needed with later iOS and updates Another over-the-air package To fix. Apple recently admitted that it doesn’t even work on some iPhone 13 models and said so A solution will roll out soon. The iPhone 13 only started to be available on September 24th, so this issue was caught at least early on. While it’s nice that the update came here a few days later, it’s interesting to see how the company has had issues with this feature over the past few months.

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