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Okay, the iPhone 13 has been on sale for a whole week, Which I mean Rumors of an iPhone 14 are on the rise. In the case of dots: New rumors (Mourning) indicates That iPhone 14 may have a 2TB storage option.

There is good reason to believe that it may pan out. Initially, with the iPhone 13, Apple doubled base storage from 64GB to 128GB on the 13th and 13th. And also launched the 1TB version for the Pro model. No Pro no doubt it takes up a lot more space on your phone to accommodate ProRes video files, which like their ProRaw photo equivalents. (ProRes isn’t yet available on Pro models, but coming soon.)

But while it sounds like a natural progression, there are also reasons to take things with a grain of salt. This year, rumors surrounding Apple’s annual September event were far from over. What’s more, these iPhone 14 storage rumors came from two sites with hit-or-miss track records. First, Midriver (Via Macromer), Claiming that Apple is switching to QLC flash storage, which will allow the 2TB option instead. This has been partially confirmed by a Digitimes Report (again via Macromer) which claims that Apple is working with suppliers to create a “cost-effective QLC NAND flash solution”. However it does not mention the 2TB option.

Anyway, rumors of an iPhone 14 start to spread ridiculously early on, with the first harvest Inside April. So far, it seems Unlike the iPhone 13 – which is considered the “S” phone of the year – the iPhone 14 is likely to include more fundamental changes. This is fully included Groove nixing, Touch back Through in-display fingerprint reader, fast processor and advanced camera and even A titanium iPhone 14. It is also expected that the iPhone 14 lineup Mini will be perfectly suited A 5G iPhone SE and a cheaper version of the Pro Max.

But enough about things that we won’t see until then Next Due to year-round supply chain problems, we expect at least one more Apple eThis fall, probably centered on two M1X MacBook professionals. The leakers are also saying Apple Watch Series 7 Shipping may begin in mid-October. For long-term buzz AirPods 3, Digitimes (Via Cult of Mac) Swears that Airpod before the end of 3 years. There has been controversy around AirPods 3 a Through In 2021, But they didn’t attend the Spring Loaded event and they were also absent at last month’s iPhone event. It is possible that Apple will steal them and turn them on, so that the MacBook does not shy away from professionals. Whatever it is, we believe they will be here when they see us.

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