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Roomba owners have been able to control their vacuum Alexa Voice Command since 2017, But that experience is quite basic. You can ask your robot to start and stop vacuum cleaning or set up a schedule, but the whole interaction is, well, Robotic. This is replaced today by iRobot’s latest Alexa efficiency, which taps The company’s genius software platform To provide smarter and more conversational voice commands.

You’ll be able to tell Wi-Fi-connected roombus to clean around certain objects, and you can schedule cleaning tasks without the sound of you inputting a computer program. As iRobot CEO Colin Angel tells us, Alexa Skill is one of the most complex ever created. You can even tie a bunch of commands together across iRobots Vacuum and Bravaa mop. For example, you might shout “Alexa, ask Rumba to clean my dining room every Sunday at 4 pm. And Then run Brava. “

Additionally, iRobot devices will be able to send job clearance announcements using Alexa speakers. Of course, the company’s app already sends you phone notifications, but they’re easy to miss if you’re cleaning the house while Roomba is working. iRobot devices can start cleaning tasks by tapping the Alexar AI-powered hack if you feel like you’re not at home. (Hopefully, there will be plenty of control over exactly how that feature works.)

According to Angel, iRobot has a basic belief that you will be able to talk to your robot and “do it in a natural and sophisticated fashion.” When Amazon first created Alexa, she said, one of the first ideas discussed was being able to use voice commands to control the roombus. Given to make iRobot’s device smarter The latest Rumba There are enough cameras and processing smarts to detect objects, even dog feces – it was a matter of time until more focus was placed on voice support.

When iRobot’s software platform taps into the maps created by Roombus around your floorplan, Angle says the company isn’t sharing any data with Amazon. Similarly, he claims he is not learning anything from iRobot and Amazon. Even then, the two companies had to work together so that a complex string of voice commands could work properly with Alexa. And looking ahead, iRobot plans to add more features, such as the ability to set the time to not bother to clear tasks.

It will be interesting to see how much Roomba customers want to talk to their robot. I’ve used the company’s original Alexa skills since it was launched, but I still spend most of my time cleaning up my phone. I hope we finally see these voice smarts on platforms other than Amazon. Angel says the company is working with Google to optimize its home skills, but Apple has not been that acceptable (at least you can get some. Siri support with IFTTT)

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