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A naked Maya, covered in blood and her red hair flowing down her shoulders, stood stunned.

Pictures: Julia Polak / NBCUniversal

I’m sure you’ve been using pins and needles on the streaming service since January 4th Peacock Has released the first trailer of its upcoming series Wolves like me, Acting Josh Gad And Isla Fisher. In it, we see some subtle clues that led us to believe that Fisher’s character could be Mary Werewolfনয়And not to put too much pressure on the back, but this new trailer of the show has proved us right.

After a thorough investigation সম্ভবত perhaps a full two seconds আমরা we were able to tear the clues together and guess that Fisher’s character was probably a werewolf. To be clear, these “subtle” formulas include:

• Maya is walking away from an evening date with Gary (Gad) with zero explanation

ার Maya has some secrets that she “never shared with anyone before” and runs away again as the sun sets.

স্বামী Maya’s husband is dying under mysterious circumstances

বৃদ্ধ An old woman who said, “We have wolves in us”

• Maya locks herself in a steel room in panic while Gary stares in horror.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes Wolves like me

I guess Mayur Koi has decided to stop playing, since Maya has fully confirmed her lycanthropy in this new trailer:

Now, the next question is, does he just transform into a straight wolf, or does he also have a hybrid version of the traditional werewolf? (And before anyone wants to make sense of me, the word “wolf” is apt for a person who turns into a wolf, a hybrid, or both. The funny thing is, the ethnographic form is a A relatively modern invention, First seen in a 1935 movie Werewolf in London, Apparently. )

If you are interested in the details of Maya’s plight, there are six episodes Wolves like me Currently available for peacock viewing.

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