Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Police say the two escapees from Gilboa Prison were captured on Mount Precipice, a Christian sanctuary near Nazareth.

Israeli police said they had captured two of the six Palestinians who escaped from a maximum security prison earlier this week.

In a statement Friday, a police spokesman said the two escapees had been captured on Mount Precipice, a Christian sanctuary near Nazareth.

The two men captured were members of the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad, Israeli media reported. The police did not provide their identity. Video on social media shows Israeli officers putting two men in the back of separate police vehicles.

It comes hours after Palestinians occupied the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem took to the streets in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and protesting against their punishment.

Israel has launched a hunt for the six prisoners who made a daring prisoner out of Gilboa prison on Monday through a tunnel dug under a basin into a cell.

The other four escapees are still at large amid a massive chase by Israeli forces in northern Israel, where Nazareth sits, and the occupied West Bank.

The six prisoners were either convicted or suspected of plotting or carrying out deadly attacks on Israelis.

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