Israeli racism to CBC | The United States and Canada are more important than dog stories

In most Canadian media, the death of an elderly dog ​​is more newsworthy than the suffering and death of imprisoned Palestinians.

This is a tainted, indomitable accusation of journalists, especially in popularizing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada’s national network.

CBC and if you are in doubt, keep these facts in mind.

On April 2, Human Rights Watch (HRW), the most cherished favorite in the Western media, published a 213-page report that Palestinians have been brutally and systematically persecuted since Israel’s founding of engineering.

The pointless motive behind the brutal, systematic persecution of the Palestinians is not to keep the Israelis safe. Rather, Israel’s nefarious purpose is to impose ethnic domination on occupied Palestine and to destroy the Palestinians by crushing, inhumanely.

Familiar scenes of fanatical Israeli thugs attacking Palestinians resisting evictions from their homes in retired Jerusalem – a clear proof of Israel’s brutal intentions so far. In the same way, there are images of weak, mutilated bodies of children and infants – all the victims, again the brutal Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Israel, HRW has said that for generations, it has condemned racism as a matter of international law, not a transparent and miraculous allegation.

The HRW report made a lot of news and made a lot of comments on this page and other big media around the world. But not in Canada. And most obviously, many of CBC’s are not on publicly funded digital and broadcast platforms.

Despite receiving an advance copy of the network, not a word was uttered, or even a moment was devoted, to a CBC reporter’s HRW report on April 27th.

Now, on May 6, the Obama family’s cute Portuguese water dog, Bo, died of cancer. Boke was described as a “White House celebrity” in a headline attached to a long story of his death published online by CBC.

Thus, in the humorous calculus of CBC reporters, the issue of the “celebrity” dog pass formed “news” that required immediate attention from Canadians, but Israel’s documented crimes against besieged Palestinians – after decades of recklessness – did not even issue a warrant. Mention by April 27 network and save for it Buried, reference passing, In the following days.

CBC did not invite any Palestinian-Canadians to any of its news or current affairs programs to discuss the HRW report’s cautious research and recommendations because they provided an educational framework for Canadian viewers to understand the public record of Israeli aggression.

Regardless of the already magnified reputation, the CBC’s institutional-wide bans on HRW reports violate the public broadcaster’s unique, perceived sacred, law that “informs, illuminates, and …”[s] Canada and its regions are for national and regional audiences. “

Why was the HRW report not published?

To try to answer this question, I contacted 17 hosts of CBC’s Most Popular News and Current Affairs program via email to “inform, enlighten” their personal and collective failures with various questions, and to explain them to a number of Canadians, including able and willing Palestinians. Canadians, to be publicly “reflected” in HRW’s report from April 2nd.

Among these are suddenly silent journalists turned TV-radio and personalities who do not ask questions for the living. Not a. Instead, they left me to the CBC PR officer.

The hypocrisy of their grief is obvious, in their dishonest behavior.

These CBC journalists – who regularly work to hold powerful public and private individuals and organizations accountable for their fourth property and the broadcaster’s qualities as an essential way – retreat into their accounts like silent politicians when a Netflix member of the fraternity tries to retreat.

Like celebrities, these star journalists have stepped back to speak to their people and protect them from long-term questions.

In multiple emails, CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson admitted that CBC “has not followed any of the stories related to the Human Rights Watch report since April 2”.

Later, after being pressured, he claimed, “There was an order from CBC News not to cover this report (or never to write about a story). Every day, across the service, our program teams have their own shows.” Make independent, editorial decisions about what to cover

Translation: Yes, it’s true, all these CBC journalists working on all these news and current affairs programs decided not to cover the HRW report on exactly the same day and they made all the editorial decisions themselves. But in no way was it the work of the alliance. It was just a miracle.

It’s as embarrassing as it is irrational and it can’t stand for a number of irrefutable reasons that myopic CBC journalists and the agencies that make their excuses must finally understand.

Palestinian Canadians also own CBC. These can be considered not only as invisible but also as “other” in Canadian public airwaves.

As such, when a leading human rights group discovers that Palestinians have been systematically harassed, evicted, imprisoned, tortured, murdered and their ancestral homes stolen as a result of Israeli racism, their voices must be heard clearly and repeatedly on CBC.

Furthermore, the CBC cannot be allowed to practice transparent dual standards when it comes to coverage of international human rights “abusers”.

Examine one piece of evidence for the inevitable.

In January 2020, CBC made a post Story online The HRW report expressed outrage over China’s human rights record.

This is in the stinging lead paragraph of the story: “In an annual report, Human Rights Watch published a scathing review of the Chinese government, and called on the international community to fight” the most brutal and widespread torture that China has seen in decades. “

It was produced by CBC three years ago 22 minute documentary Which threw Russia into its journalistic crocodiles and explained to its listeners in a myth: how Canada was prepared to punish Russian human rights traffickers.

When HRW establishes that Israel is to blame for the wholesale, illegal torture of Palestinians and racist behavior in occupied Palestine, the CBC considers the crime to be prohibited and fails to call for punishment for Israeli crimes in Canada and abroad.

By banning a forum for Palestinian Canadian writers, academics, and historians to inform, illuminate, and reflect on HRW’s intense reporting, the CBC has deliberately barred Canadians from visiting the occupied historical context in order to capture the Philistine.

Israel’s eviction of illegal and persecuted Palestinians from their lands, unilateral oppression of Palestinians’ right to assembly, its bloody and secular attacks on Palestinian worshipers in the holiest places of Islam, indiscriminate, indiscriminate killing of children, women and men. Gaza is not the latest “spam” of the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict.”

These, as HRW has made clear, are the work of the occupying forces, whose purpose is to drive the Palestinians out of their country and existence by beating and bombing Belgians.

Justin Trudeau, the progressive, “progressive” messenger of human rights and rule-based order, also likes to say or do nothing about Israel’s crimes. Lately, he has been busy giving friction-free interviews to unexpected journalists and self-proclaimed online luminaries who play the game of agreeing to the evergreen prime minister for the T-ball.

Presumably, Trudeau has never been challenged to make unwarranted, unsupported support for Israel because HRW has summed it up and made it a “reality on the ground.”

When he was desperately forced to address the “reality on the ground”, this telegraphical poster boy from Canada was caught up in hypocrisy and faced perpetual humiliation, violence and terror on the Palestinians by Israel in occupied Palestine – today yesterday. And tomorrow. Just a few days ago, when the Israeli military once again investigated the Palestinians for respect and solidarity, Trudeau declared like a wind-up marinade that “Canada supports Israel’s right to ensure its own security.”

Trudeau’s “policy” is to occupy Palestine – it’s the same: the Palestinians will take it, take it, take it, take it, take it, take it, accept it, humiliate them as long as Israel wants, hit them, evict them, steal from them Do it, imprison it, torture it, mime it, shoot it, bomb it, attack and kill them.

Canadian diplomats – who bid Trudeau’s curious, retrospective bid in the Middle East by omitting all polite embroidery – have been reviewing HRW’s report for two weeks.

An official from Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Global Affairs Canada, “respectfully declined” my request to be interviewed about Israeli racism and atrocities, in order to counter the cost of introducing a coup in occupied Palestine.

Like the gallery of uninterrupted CBC journalists, obviously, the diplomats of this nation have other things on their minds, which are going through more and more pressure.

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the author and his editorial position on Al Jazeera.

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