Italy fines Google 12 123 million for blocking an EV app from Android Auto

Google’s flexible Android ecosystem has allowed it to extend beyond the phone TV And if Car infotainment. However, at the same time open source software has raised questions about the control of warnings about the external influence of technology giants in multiple markets. Now, officials are trying to reign in some part of that power. Italy is monitoring the competition Order Google will have to pay more than 100 100 million (3 123 million) to abuse its influential position. Google has discontinued an electric vehicle recharging app for cars for more than two years from its Android Auto Infotainment platform, the regulator said.

The core of the operation is Enel X – a subsidiary of Italian power supplier Enel – which gives EV drivers access to about 95,000 public charging points in Europe through the Juspas app. Surveillance revealed that after blocking the app for more than two years, Google was primarily biased towards Google Maps, which allows users to search nearby EV charging points. In addition to the fine, the regulator asked Google to make the Juspass app available on Android Auto.

This echoes the concerns raised Me And UK Sammana, Italian authorities point to Google’s gatekeeper status in the digital economy. The regulator said Android OS and the Google Play Store gave the company an “influential position” that would allow it to “control access to end-users of app developers.” In the case of Anil X, Watchdog said that by excluding the Juspas app, Google has put its rival business at risk and potentially blocked the advancement of electrical mobility.

“As a result, the expansion of electric vehicles, the use of” clean “energy and the shift towards more environmentally sustainable mobility could have potential negative effects,” the regulator said in a statement.

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