Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Another week of gloomy headlines as the grimness of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sets in. Another Friday quiz for you all. It all feels a little unrelenting does it?

Still, it’s almost the weekend, so there’s something to celebrate.

Anyway, rules the same as always. Eight questions, six tangentially on finance, one price guess and one “guess who tweeted this nonsense”. Points allocated as we see fit. Good or funny guesses are considered correct. The prize for the lucky winner? An item from one of our desks.

So, without further ado, here are this week’s tasty brain teasers:

  1. Sberbank’s ADR that trades in London has become a penny stock in a matter of days but Russia’s largest bank also reported earnings for the fourth quarter of 2021 this week so, a simple 50:50 question for you, did it beat or miss analyst estimates?

  2. There’s been much chatter about the foreign assets of Russia’s oligarch class this week following Western sanctions. On which palatial road is Roman Abramovich’s £ 100m + house located in London? For a bonus, name at least one of his famous neighbors.

  3. The purchase of UK high street stalwart Boots was thrown into question after which two private equity firms failed to make a bid ahead of deadline last week?

  4. Which Berkshire Hathaway-owned $ 70bn software-as-a-service stock crashed on Thursday after it gave weaker than expected guidance on growth?

  5. The Russian central bank has one of the largest stockpiles of gold of all official sector institutions. But which central bank is the largest holder of gold in the world?

  6. Away from reality, a painting by which famous Belgian surrealist artist sold this week at Sotheby’s for $ 79.8m?

  7. How much of its value did the ruble lose against the dollar this week?

  8. And, to finish, who tweeted this nonsense?

Results on Tuesday! Have a great weekend and do not think too much about nuclear annihilation.

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