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The document encourages people to use long, memorable passwords instead of forcing them to change them frequently or to include special characters. It also lays down strict ground rules for granting remote access to systems like the IRS and many other organizations, including sensitive data.

Personally, government departments usually want a photo ID like a driving license Online or over the phone, many organizations have previously verified an individual’s identity by asking for information that could be checked against a government file or credit report. But it has become easier to collect the personal data needed to evade such checks Social communication And widespread data breaches.

NIST’s 2017 standard states that access to systems that can leak sensitive data or harm public programs requires a person’s identity verification compared to a photo – either remotely or in person – or using biometrics such as a fingerprint scanner. It says that a remote check can be done either by video with a trained agent or by using software that checks the authenticity of an ID and the “vitality” of a person’s photo or video. was in a good position to take advantage of the new standards, which are federal agencies Of course Comply. The company was established in 2010 as a deal website for veterans and active military personnel and developed a system for checking military IDs used by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It won millions of dollars in federal grants to explore new ways of digital identity that helped set standards for 2017 and The first company Recognized as compatible with them. In 2019, has a signature Agreement With VA which has so far paid over $ 30 million.

During the epidemic, won a wave of new business-and-verification sorting. States have hired to screen Covid-19 support claims, which has overwhelmed many employment departments. But nonprofits and lawmakers have complained about the use of its face recognition, saying some vulnerable citizens can’t get through company checks. According to the California Department of Employment Development, Blocked More than 350,000 fraudulent claims in the last three months of 2020. But State Inspector States that approximately 20 percent of legitimate claimants are unable to verify their identities through

According to Caitlin Silly George, director of operations and operations at the nonprofit Fight for the Future, uses fraudulent disguises to sell technology that locks out vulnerable individuals and creates highly sensitive data stores that will be targeted by criminals themselves. “A tool that creates more problems cannot be welcomed as a solution,” he says “Face recognition is notorious for misidentifying black and brown faces, gender-incompatible people, women and children.”

In an interview this week, CEO Blake Hall claimed that his company actually expands access because its remote ID checking works for people without a credit history who often fail conventional checks. He claimed that many of the problems with access to epidemic assistance were due to state agencies failing to provide adequate personal services and that’s personal locations provided a backstop.

Some of Hall’s claims have proved slippery. Bloomberg News To question His estimate is that $ 400 billion in federal epidemic relief has been stolen; Hall says a detailed report on the experience of fighting unemployment fraud is coming soon. On Wednesday, he reversed his earlier statement that only uses facial recognition to compare a person’s face with the ID given to them.

Hall told Wired that captures images and videos uploaded during its verification process only to protect accounts from fraud. He said the company has used face recognition technology from Paravision, which is the most accurate tested by NIST যদিও although it can work very differently depending on how the algorithms are deployed. A 2019 NIST report On the basis of demographic bias in oral recognition, it has been concluded that while many algorithms show different performance for different populations, the most accurate may be justified.

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