Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Artists and technology companies are more determined than ever Use 360-degree audio as a hook Jay Cole Created Apple Music is the exclusive home for local audio mixes in its entire catalog (in this case, Dolby Atoms). You may need to change services if you wish to listen 2014 Forest Hills Drive Or Off-season With a more immersive sound stage.

Steps do not necessarily require new hardware. Automated with recent Dolby Atoms playback Airpods And Beats Earphones, but you can manually enable the layout for Android or compatible third-party audio gear.

The deal comes just days after David Bowie’s estate released subsequent albums in a trilogy service in Sony’s 360 reality audio format and shows how local audio has become a significant battleground. Streaming providers obviously expect you to subscribe to listen to your favorite stars in a new way, but Apple, Sony and others will also benefit by selling earbuds and other hardware. Don’t be surprised if you see more (and possibly larger) exclusive surfaces in the near future.

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