Jack Snyder’s Army of the Dead Almost Featured is a zombie zoo

With Think, organized zombies, Jack Snyders Upcoming tenant bus Dead army At least have to deal with An uninvited white tiger as they travel to the overflowing ruins of Las Vegas in search of the million 200 million involved in an abandoned casino. The idea An army of zombies is alarming enough to have an indescribable tiger in their ranks, but according to Director Snyder, At one point he Decided to get a little bigger.

Like a boy Undead armyThe movie zombies, the movie’s monster tiger was brought to life using CGI instead of having any real animal when animal The creative team ended up using one of Carol Baskin (s) Tiger King Infamous) tigers make their crafts The perverted creature, Snyder explained in a new Netflix Features that He Thinking of getting bigger about the concept of zombie animals. “I think for a while this whole sequence was where, like a zoo, you know it was cut by zombies. And so, there was a bunch of zombies[fied] All kinds of different animals. Apparently, we ended up with a white tiger. In Vegas, it seemed real … you can’t get it wrong.

The interest of zombies in human beings in storyless stories is diverse and it has always been fascinatingIgnoring animals for any reason gives an undead hat, zombie animals also present a compelling enemy for humans. Even when zombie people are quick and any germs force them to scarf their flesh, they are the only people who can get out with a few well-kept shots on their feet. Tigers, on the other hand, are a variety of predators whose living physical limitations probably do not apply to infected versions. A regular tiger may get tired of chasing after its prey but a zombie is not so much.

If Dead army The end of being a hit that people want to see more of, it becomes Too It will be interesting to see the concept of this zombie animal spread out as it progresses, especially if at some point zombie animals realize that live meat is a limited resource that they may have to fight with their zombiefied human parts.

Dead army Is set to publish May 14 at the theaterMay 21st on Netflix.

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