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Daniel Craig is seen as James Bond in No Time to Die.

Daniel Craig as James Bond There is no time to die.
Pictures: MGM

There is no time to die, The 25th James Bond movie, sounds like about 25 movies. So many things happen Inside it Complex story –Filled With many wide, varied set piecesTWhen you come to the end, the beginning events seem to have happened 18 months ago. Which, if you remember, was their guess. Don’t forget, the audience was the only reason Wait six years in the James Bond movie Kovid-1 was a pandemic epidemic. Now, Although, That extended wait almost works in favor of the movie. Of 163-Minutes Run time and Labyrinth Plot Just give More than what we were waiting for. We have Waited a long time No time And, fortunately, it delivers.

Although more distinct than most previous James Bond movies, There is no time to die It is a sequel to previous films, depending on the events Not just the previous one, Specter, But Luxurious recreation room And others. These movies don’t need to be remembered or re-watched, but it will help a lot, as several characters and stories come back perfectly. Things are going well with James Bond (Daniel Craig), who is now retired, living a good life with his girlfriend Dr Made Madeleine Swan (Leah Seddox). Swan’s past, was mysteriously abandoned in the previous film, though quickly returns and James is forced to make difficult decisions That brings him backServices.

Bond doesn’t know it but many of those choices are due to the actions of a wounded terrorist named Lucifer Safin (Rami Malek). From the first scene of the photo it is clear that Safin is big bad here. Then, almost immediately, the movie moves away from him. Bond is once again fighting Specter’s agents and solving a mystery involving a previously captured villain, Blofeld (Christoph Waltz). Safin, on the other hand, appears in one more scene before the final performance. Bond spends most of his time fighting with the agent who won the 007 title, who played Lashana Lynch, then he fights The villain in the photo.

Lashana Lynch as 007 in No Time to Die.

Lashana Lynch in 007 There is no time to die.
Pictures: MGM

We, the viewers, know that Safin is behind everything and that Bond and everyone around him can take so long that sometimes the narrative can swell. An example is a great, run-And-Scenes of gun action in Cuba involve a CIA agent named Paloma (Anna de Armas). He and Bond get some information as a team and kill the whole bad guys in a spectacular fashion, which instantly makes the audience fall in love with his character. Then he says “g“Goodbye” and that. She’s gone. The mission he and Bond have accomplished is essential to the plot so the scene isn’t an absolute waste, but it still feels a bit extra. Important unimportant scattering. And that pattern repeats throughout the movie: insLater Scene, Surgery And the plot will move forward Never So little, when the scenes themselves Increase Fast Like a dozen Mini movies. Slow-Developing, slThe slightly repetitive nature can be a bit tiring. And yet, this is a James Bond movie. James Bond is in his best condition when he is at the top and excessive. More guns, more cars, more motorcycles, more gadgets, more martinis? Yes. These things are the driving force of the whole franchise. And There is no time to die Even if it has all the spades’A. The bar is a little high.

This is all due to the work of director Cary Joji Fukunaga (True Detective), working from a script he co-wrote with (Flybag) And Neil Purvis And Robert Wade (Wearing from the sky). From scene one to ‘Clearly Fukunaga is happy to play in this sandbox. He enjoys all the little James Bond-ice, while framing and illuminating to make them all feel unique. Almost every scene is in a new place, with new costumes, environments and obstacles, all of which add to that dense feeling. There is a view in the snow, a view under the water, a view in the forest, a view of the city –IIt’s always something new. The genres are also somewhat mixed. There are also ghostly elements, a ton of comedy and some real drama. Is it 100% necessary? Not really. But when it comes to paying too much respect Strengthen, Suffrage

James Bond and Made Madeleine Swan (Leah Sidox) No Time to Die.

In James Bond and Dr. Made Madeleine Swan (Léa Seydoux) There is no time to die.
Pictures: MGM

Another issue There is no time to die It’s very good to humanize James Bond. Don’t worry. He’s still an irresistible villain, while walking up the stairs Cut the bad guys alone with a machine gun. But Fukunaga uses the stories and characters from other films to make you care for him as a person, not just rejoice for him as a hero. That bond includes Blowfeld and Madeline, as well as M (Ralph Fiennes), Manipenni (Naomi Harris), Q (Ben Hishao), And others think of him as a real man. They have friends, enemies, they have a history, all of this adds a ton of parts to the movie because the plot finally comes back, exactly, what Safin wants to do.

Performance also drives that emotion. Craig here uniquely blends swagger with humanity, portraying Bond We have never seen him as three-dimensional. Lynch’s charisma and screen presence instantly made him a worthy friend and Bond’s enemy and the scenes they share sparkle with chemistry. Seydoux, as well, really gives There is no time to die The heart, in a very realistic way, balances weakness with strength.

Add those performances, the passion of filmmaking, the scale of the story and links to previous films and There is no time to die There is a lot to cover, but it does well. You feel the length of it, but it’s a good thing because it’s one of those stories that you enjoy discovering with the characters you want to spend time with. The next James Bond movie will not be with Daniel Craig but he can say that he gave the audience perhaps the biggest, and certainly the most emotional, Bond movie.

No time to die It will be released in theaters only in October.

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