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John Cena smiles and stands in the woods as a peacemaker on HBO Max's Peacemaker.

Although that helmet.
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It’s hard to talk about HBO Max Peacemaker Without bringing up the previous work of the creator James Song. Of the gun Galactic Guardians After creating a tough biography of B-movies, the movies helped him to the cinematic stardom and he was broughtTo fold To write and manage at Warner Bros. Suicide Squad He later Was (Temporarily) Move From The long-gestating Guardians Vol. 3.

Shadow so far in the song career, Especially his Marvel movies, Loom Strongly over Peacemaker, Its opening title is incredibly clear. “Would you like to taste it?” Through the Wig Wham drama, the cast serves a wide range of musical instruments directly under neon light that really won’t feel out of place Guardian Movies, if the song was given the opportunity to direct such a sequence. Isolated from itself, it is a fun showcase of the work of everyone involved, showing the music, direction and humorous timing of the song. But it also highlights, for better or for worse, how much this spinoff focused on John Cena’s ideological confusion. Christopher Smith Chris Pratt owes a debt of gratitude to Star-Lord and his Galactic parties. As big a man as he is-Children (adults, in some cases) like Peter Quill, with the same amount of love ‘80s rock band and Cinnamon has more range, enough to make the alien side and the joke more powerful, and it allows him to have a lot of fun with the role he’s been given. Many actors today could not shout “freedom”. The excitement of climaxing during sex, or the euphoria of being hugged by an eagle sidekick (called an eagle, of course), is just as ridiculous.

Cena being a complete duphas while everyone else is excited His nonsense would be funny in itself, but Peacemaker Perhaps wisely its proponents have decided to let the cast be as weird and strange as its main character; It’s like His weirdness is increasing the frequency of everyone else’s weirdness. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with casts playing off each other and reacting to each other. Shades in the veins of a workplace comedy Archer Or It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. When it comes to being the strongest, many thanks to Daniel Brooks’ cheerful Leota Adebayo, the most ordinary person on the team. Brooks brings a lot of elegance to a character that should be kept as far away from everyone else as possible and has great chemistry with Cena and Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt. Growing up to 11 everyone, it’s a riot whenever Adebayo stops things due to his inexperience or the absurdity of being a married lesbian as part of a Black Ops group.

I’m watching Peacemaker The first three episodes dropped on HBO Max, it’s clear that the song wants to spend most of its time with DC’s Antihero and is having some fun that MCU movies don’t really allow. So yes, the Peacemaker character leans towards women and happily sleeps with (or offers) any woman that catches his eye. The action, especially at the end of the pilot and in the third episode, is equally ugly and nasty Suicide Squad No action … Until it happens I got into a fight Between Peacemaker and Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag. (The death of the flag is mentioned several times in the first two episodes, and the scene is shown during the recap at the beginning of the pilot.)Ricky, Body-Snatch horror that made her 2006 flick Slider With a more grounded but still nonviolent character like Freddie Stromer’s Loving Stupid Vigilante and Knut Lay’s great but unnecessary Judomaster, the song manages to inflict pain on the human body as a punchline and terrifying performance in its own right.

Peacemaker The song’s first show, and the transition from film to TV, adds to Gunn’s weaknesses, which began when he started making superhero movies. His writing still could not be as cruel to anyone as it was to Mantis Guardian 2 Or Suicide Squad Polka-dot man, But he still has a habit of joking A little It is probably longer than it should be. Similarly, in the second episode, Peacemaker tries to escape from an apartment complex, a sequence that takes about half the time of a 40-minute episode when it could have been shorter. And like the movies mentioned above, Looks like the show is in jeopardy.Its growing with the potential world-end threat, as a way He claims to have given Peacemaker a way to become a superhero.

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But after all that, Peacemaker DC Universe manages to work and sell irrational slices. The two sequences best capture the show’s atmosphere: the first is a montage riot. Peacemakers and vigilantes use weapons and explosives to blow up shit in the woods like two big kids on Saturday afternoon with nothing to do. The second closes the same episode when Peacemaker’s father Aggie (Robert Patrick) smiles as he is greeted by fellow white supremacists, all of whom kneel to greet their returning leader. Suitable for a ceremony featuring body snatchers and where Almost everyone is building walls of emotion, the song shows a lot of stupidity and heart. But of course there is something darker waiting to reveal itself.

Also starring Steve AG and Chukudi Evuji, Peacemaker New premiere Weekly episode HBO Max.

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