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Peacemaker's title card which contains an eagle, spread its wings, take the tip.

Screenshot: HBO Max

James Song Love pop music Has become a calling card. In song choice Both of them Galactic Guardians Movies, As well as Suicide Squad, Separate the song’s superhero films from the rest They are disrespectful, They’re funny, and, of course, It continues with his new show Peacemaker.

Both Galactic Guardians Movies There are extensive music-driven opening credit sequences but the song is on top of both of them with its first DC show. HBO Max is now streaming, Peacemaker John Cena was first seen as an anti-hero Suicide Squad. After betraying his team, the peacemaker must now enter Move forward with an uncertain world and its life … bNot before this incredible opening title sequence, here without the literally offensive “Skip Intro” button that appears on the HBO Max. How could anyone ever dare to avoid this?

The name of the song there is “Do You Wanna Test It?” By Bang Wig Wam. And although it has a very unique 1980s rock vibe, it actually comes from a 2010 album So thank you James Song for the recommendation.

As well as the fact that the song is very interesting and funny, what makes this scene so incredible is the direction of the song The cast includes Cena, Daniel Brooks, Jennifer Holland, Freddie Stroma, Steve AG, Robert Patrick, Knut Lay, and There’s Lochlin Munro Doing this absolutely ridiculous dance and giving zero emotion about it. Nothing. So you have these blank faces shaking around their hands as a “Norwegian glam metal band” talks about “tasting” it, as more and more cast members join in the fun. It’s just breathtakingly stupid, awesome, and absolutely perfect.

The first three episodes Peacemaker Now every week more are coming to HBO Max. Song says he wants to make more seasons, but he has a third Galactic Guardians Do that for next May before that can happen.

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