Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Japanese prosecutors have appealed to the Tokyo District Court to give a two-year prison sentence to Nissan’s former chief justice for the role he allegedly played in a ‘conspiracy’ to defraud the former chairman. conceal. Carlos Ghosn.

Prosecutors accused Greg Kelly, a 30-year-old Nissan veteran, to oversee a system of ‘backdoor compensation’ for Ghosn, who escaped a long-running financial misconduct by fleeing to Lebanon on a private plane.

The supervisory claim, which was lighter than some expected, concluded the prosecutors’ last arguments in a trial that involved dozens of testimonies, reduced witnesses to tears and is unlikely to receive a verdict for a few more months. not.

After Ghosn’s escape, Kelly’s trial sometimes assumed proxy status for the case that would have turned the prosecutors against Ghosn. The former chairman denies all charges against him.

Legal experts said that if the court follows the prosecutors’ recommendation and serves a two-year prison sentence, Kelly could be released if judges decide that the nearly three years since his arrest that he was either behind bars or on bail are counted. sentence.

Prosecutors on Wednesday also demanded a fine of ¥ 200 million ($ 1.8 million) for Nissan, which did not dispute the charges against the company. They cite the failure of management as ‘a profound problem for such a socially important enterprise’.

Kelly, who was arrested on arrival in Japan on the same day as Ghosn in November 2018, has consistently denied the charges against him since the trial began in September last year. His lawyers argued that he had made an effort to find a legal way to pay the former Nissan seat a salary that was generous enough to keep him in a highly competitive market.

Prosecutors meanwhile argue that a limit has been exceeded and that deferred compensation actually promised to Ghosn should have been declared. The developments around Ghosn’s payment date are from 2010 and a change that forced the paid business leaders in the country to declare their compensation. At the time, Ghosn was the highest paid executive in Japan.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. an alliance could change. full merger.

But in their closing arguments, prosecutors allege that Kelly was “a central and proactive player” in drafting a scheme that would allow Ghosn to receive the deferred compensation of more than 9 billion yuan that the former chairman would receive over a period of eight years would be underestimated.

“You could say Kelly was behind the attempts to hide Ghosn’s income,” prosecutors said. “Kelly wanted to distance himself from the events and showed no remorse for his actions.”

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